Gay Retirement in Mexico Are You Ready?

Gay Retirement in Mexico Are You Ready? It’s a common daydream. Thinking about picking up and leaving the rat-race behind to live where the sun is shining and the living is easy. Or a dream retirement where the people are as warm as the sunshine and the cost of living allows a retirement income to stretch further than it ever would at home. But in record numbers, that daydream is becoming a reality, as more and more foreigners areleaving home and moving to Mexico. But before buying a home in Puerto Vallarta, have you really thought about if expat life is right for you? Here’s some questions to ask yourself:

1) How adaptable am I? A creature of habit, adjusting to expat life may be a little harder. Living in Puerto Vallarta means that almost everything at home by way of goods and services, are available, although sometimes in different formats or manners. But if changes to your regular routine frustrate you, expat life may not be for all.

2) Are you willing to learn a new language? English is widely spoken in Puerto Vallarta, but if you are going to live in Puerto Vallarta, learning at least a little bit broadens your experience, social circle and ability to manage day to day tasks.

3) Are you ready to make new friends? The expat lifestyle is very social and foreigners in Puerto Vallarta form bonds, both in person and via online groups. These relationships help for supporting each other and for providing companionship.

4) How transferable are your skills or income? If you are thinking about retiring in Puerto Vallarta, have you budgeted what type of lifestyle you can afford on your retirement savings? If you are still working age, can you work remotely from your current job or are your skills transferable to being able to work in Mexico. Remember, if you plan on working in Mexico, you must receive a job offer and apply for a work Visa prior to leaving your home country.

5) Have you done your research? There are hundreds off websites and online forums that can help you figure out the logistics of moving to Puerto Vallarta. Google is absolutely your best friend when considering turning the dream into a reality.

So are you ready to make the move and start your tropical lifestyle in Mexico? Our experienced agents can help you not only with real estate in Puerto Vallarta, but with navigating all the requirements of becoming a homeowner in Mexico and welcoming you to your new life in Banderas Bay. Contact us today.

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