How Gay Parties Affect Puerto Vallarta Real Estate by Kevin Leah

There’s no denying the gay community has had a huge impact on Puerto Vallarta, especially Puerto Vallarta real estate market. One only has to look around at the many gay venues servicing the gay community from gay bars, gay beach clubs, gay boutique hotels and many others to realize that Puerto Vallarta is a beach vacation destination geared towards the gay community.

As a real estate agent here in Puerto Vallarta I get to meet many interesting clients. I always ask them why they chose Puerto Vallarta as their holiday destination, and the answers range from hearing from friends how amazing it is, to, I love the sense of community that exists here, and also many say how easy it is to meet new people here compared to their hometowns. Another factor that is mentioned is the organized gay parties and events hosted here, which attracts such a varied group of men of all ages from all over the world.

The one thing that is crystal clear from speaking to my clients: once they experience the amazing vibrant gay life in Puerto Vallarta they almost certainly want to return and, in many cases, look to purchase investment property or even make Puerto Vallarta their permanent home.

Now that the COVID pandemic is easing up and many Americans and Canadians are fully vaccinated, many are once again looking at travel options. Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination with many nonstop flights and easy access to many US and Canadian cities. The post pandemic travel boom has seen a sharp increase in the number of visitors to Puerto Vallarta and similarly an increase in the demand for real estate.

Many of my clients are able to work remotely, the so-called “Digital Nomads” both gay and straight who are always on the lookout for cities that offer good Internet connections and conveniently located time zones with their offices back home. Puerto Vallarta checks all the boxes in this regard. The increasing number of gay men looking to invest here along with the digital nomads have seen an increased demand for short term rentals as wall as long term rentals. This demand is also reflected in the increased number of condo sales over the last few months. Inventory is at an all-time low with a lot more buyers and a lot fewer listings to meet the demand. Whatever the reason people choose Puerto Vallarta as a vacation spot they are always leave wanting more.



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