Preparing Your Summer Season Emergency Kit

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Preparing Your Summer Season Emergency Kit by Tropicasa Realty

tropicasa realtySummer season is here, complete with incredible thunder and lightning shows across our bay as rainy season storms roll in. Directly on the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta can receive tropical storm warnings which occasionally may be upgraded to a hurricane warning, however, the size of our bay (the second largest on the Pacific) and the surrounding shelter of our Sierra Madre mountain range, provide us with natural storm protection. But as seen with Hurricane Kenna (2002) and Hurricane Lily (1971), although unlikely to happen, it is wise for any Puerto Vallarta homeowner to be prepared, so we have tips to put together a basic summer season emergency kit that should be in every Puerto Vallarta condo or home.

  • First-Aid Kit. These can be purchased at any local pharmacy or grocery store. Remember to add a small supply of any prescription medications that you may require.
  • Bottled Water. You will want about 4 liters per day, per person.
  • Food Pantry. Stock up with non-perishable goods that can be eaten without cooking. Remember to add in some plastic utensils and plates and a can-opener, if needed.
  • Flashlights and extra batteries, as well as candles and matches or a lighter.
  • Additional clothes in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Hand sanitizer, baby wipes, toothbrushes and toothpaste and any other sanitary needs you may require.

While the chances of an actual hurricane blowing into Puerto Vallarta only rolls around every 35 years or so, our rainy season winds can knock out electricity to your house in Puerto Vallarta occasionally, and in case of any household accident, having these items stocked in a safe and accessible place makes good sense. A little preparedness provides peace of mind, so you can enjoy our lush and beautiful summer season in Puerto Vallarta.

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