Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Barcelona Tapas Completes Green Area Project

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Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Barcelona Tapas completes a new green area project. For the last year Tapas restaurant employees and owner William Carballo have been working on beautifying the abandoned hillside next to the popular restaurant. The project, located on “Jesus Langarica” street on google maps, is turning the hill into a beautiful green area with stairs, plants and seating. The area will be used for the community as a park including planting new grass and plants. 
In a statement Barcelona Tapas owner said “We, at Barcelona Tapas, have contributed 100 % of the cost of this project. I will be asking the city to make sure that it will never be used for any business purpose and only for the community and people who visit. In the future we hope to put a symbolic sculpture for Jesus Langarica, the first municipal president of Vallarta and the name of the street. This street will become one of the most beautiful streets in Vallarta. This is just the beginning.”
The stair project is located 3 blocks from the malecón and the hildalgo park and parking lot on Jesus Langarica street in centro. This green area project is unique because it is not very common to see a public street turned into a public garden. It has taken a year and consisted in redoing all underground pipes, removal of more than 50 trunks of rubbish, construction of several retention walls, over 100 stairs, structure design and garden planing, irrigation and lightning.

                        The Green Area After Completion

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About Barcelona Tapas restaurant. In 1987 chef William Carballo decided to travel to spain and study the language as well as the local cuisine and he was immediately enthralled by the tapas, a specialty of the country. After working with two Spanish chefs in Chicago, he decided to move to Puerto Vallarta in 2000 to open his successful restaurant, Barcelona Tapa.

In December of the same year, William converted the roof of his house and opened Barcelona Tapas, which consisted of 56 chairs, 14 tables, a stove with 6 burners, a small refrigerator and a freezer. He worked day and night, living in the restaurant. He began his business with 2 employees and serving only 10-25 people per day. Today, Barcelona is one of the most respected dining establishments in Puerto Vallarta. It serves more than 40, 000 people per year. The food, the service and the facilities are constantly improving.

The kitchen is specialized in Spanish dishes, to which they give their own particular style giving these sweet notes a homemade taste. Some dishes are cooked over an open wood fire, giving them this very characteristic touch.  Ingredients are selected in a special manner always taking into account their freshness and quality. 

William invites you personally to visit and enjoy the space, located next to the restaurant.   
Are you interested in being part of this beautiful project or have any questions? Is so, contact William (whatsapp 52-322 135 7844 or email [email protected])

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