Step Away From A Taco: Let’s Pause For Asian Food

Step Away From A Taco: Let’s Pause For Asian Food by Ron Morgan Properties.Can we all agree that tacos are a gift from the Mexican Gods?  After all, they’re affordable, ubiquitous, reasonably healthy, and perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But how about we step away from the taco stand for a moment and put down that soft-rolled corn tortilla for a day and try something different.

Asian food.

Yep, your eyes ain’t foolin’. Asian food.

In case you just fell off the Canopy Tour truck and are looking for some grub, you ought to know that this town is famous for Asian food too, sort of.

And some believe it began with a guy named Archie.

Archie’s Wok in Zona Romantica

Yes, sir Archibald – as the name suggests – is an expat done good right here in PV. Having once toiled in the kitchens of California before heading to Mexico (and cooking for Hollywood’s elite back in the 1970s) he kicked off Vallarta’s love affair with Asian food.

And his food is as popular as his story is compelling.  In fact, both high-brow food and travel guides Fodor’s and Frommer’s include Archie’s Wok on their list of Vallarta favs. Fodor’s puts it this way:

“Dishes at this extremely popular pan-Asian restaurant include Thai garlic shrimp, pancit (Filipino stir-fry with pasta), and Singapore-style (lightly battered) crispy fish. There are also several vegetarian dishes. The spinach and watercress salad with feta, pecans, and a hibiscus dressing is healthy, refreshing, and perfect for a late lunch.”

And Archie’s Wok is just the beginning.

India Gate

If TripAdvisor and Facebook reviews and are worth the pixels they’re published on, India Gate is doing something special right here in Vallarta.

8,878 people follow India Gate on Facebook and 2,225 of those have visited, and collectively they give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars for food and service. Not bad at all.


Tripadvisor lists its top-ten Japanese places in and around Vallarta and oddly, one of the best is missing on their list – Tsunami Sushi in Fluvial. Whether it’s an oversight, or whatever, Tsunami is worth a try.  All 238 reviews on Facebook give it a combined 4.3 out of a possible 5.

Also, worth noting in Vallarta’s Japanese restaurant scene is the local flavor –  many restaurants serve a Mexican brand of sushi and rolls. It’s spicy and it’s worth a try. Even soya sauce is served with a hint of chilies and lime.

Sushi In House on Francia in Versalles, Kashi, and Hiroshi are a few of the great Japanese spots in the city.

Bonito Kitchen: Interesting Name and Great Reviews

Bonito offers many surprises, even the name has a twist. It’s a play on two meanings, the Spanish word for pretty and Bonito is also the name of a very important fish used in Japanese cuisine.

One of the newer restaurants in town, the reviews are stellar, the photos stunning, and one visit to their website, we guarantee you’re going to go.

With the tagline “Asian small plates & craft cocktails”, they do a bit of everything for every taste including Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese cuisines.

And just like Mexico’s’ favorite comfort food – the amazing, soft corn tortilla taco – Bonito serves up the Asian-noodle-equivalent: Pho and Ramen, another gift from the Gods, albeit the Asian ones.




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