Jalisco Governor warns of possible Covid 19 shutdown

jalisco governor warns of possible shutdown


Jalisco Governor warns of possible Covid 19 shutdown. The Governor of Jalisco Enrique Alfaro issued a warning to Jalisco (of which Puerto Vallarta would be included) staying if the number of infections in the state continues to grow, his administration will activate an “emergency button”, a symbolic act that will signify the beginning of a strategy for the total closure of all activities for 14 days. This determination was made by the Health Board, and if implemented this stop dead procedure would be “more drastic than the one we made in the first stage of social isolation because it means closing the industry, commerce and services.” Why 14 days? This is the minimum period suggested by the health experts to cut the chain of contagions. After that PV could resume the activity of today and we will be able to start, step by step, the opening of activities that are suspended.

In this scenario, if either the state hospital occupation exceeds 50% or if 400 cases per million inhabitants are reached. all activities would be suspended. This includes public transportaion, all businesses including restaurants including food delivery and public spaces, such as beaches, squares, parks and gardens would be suspended. There would be no public transportation service except to meet the demand of health and security personnel. They could not operate tianguis, banks, churches, government offices, nor the squares or commercial corridors. They could only open grocery stores, food markets and self-service stores during the 2 weeks for food sales. As of today, the level of hospital occupancy is 26% and the case rate per million inhabitants is 290.

Enrique Alfaro said that on July 15, 2020 a new risk board will be created to define how and when the opening of cinemas, theaters, bars, event rooms, convention centers, casinos will be determined. There are estimated 600,000 workers in this sector who have been unemployed since March 17, 2020.

The relaxation of citizen’s discipline is taking its toll on us. In the last week the average of daily infections is 536. We have been with more than 1600 active cases for three weeks. 25% of the 867 deaths in the state occurred in the last week. The level of positivity increased from 27 to 31%, but above all, we are concerned about the level of stress and burden being faced by our medical staff, our doctors and nurses. Citizens not fulfilling their responsibility as requested: the vast majority of businesses ignored the call to schedule staggered entry and exit times, and that had an impact on the risk level of public transportation. He urges everyone to stay at home and only go out when absolutely necessary.



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