Puerto Vallarta Covid 19 News: Open Air Event Centers Can Reopen

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Puerto Vallarta Covid 19 News: Open Air Event Centers Can Reopen. They will have permission to open only from Thursday to Sunday and must be outdoor open air sites; There will be no buffet, candybar, or live music. As of July 23, 2020, the outdoor event rooms can operate in Puerto Vallarta, after they were given the green light by the Jalisco state government. These places may restart work after more than 4 months closed. 

Although there are no restrictions for the consumption of alcohol, there will be restrictions for the capacity of people and for the internal dynamics, since the transfers of guests will have to be avoided as much as possible.

This is the list of requirements for outdoor event rooms to restart activities:

Operate only from Thursday to Sunday.
Maintain a maximum of 50% of person occupancy. 
There will be no after hours permits. 
Live music will not be allowed. 
Utensils may not be used. 
Mobility flows inside the room should be marked
The dance floors should be closed.
Buffets, candybars and snack tables will be prohibited. 
Neither can napkin holders, ice chests or salt shakers be used, each use must be delivered separately.
The temperature should be taken for each person before entering the room. 
A sanitizing mat should be placed at the entrance and antibacterial gel applied.
All these requirements are necessary for establishments to reopen; As for the closed event rooms (which also include hotel event salons), there is still no reopening date.

See the Spanish Article Here. 



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