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Why was the Gay Party at Terra Noble Puerto Vallarta Shut Down? First thing to know is there was a private gay dance-circuit party July 4, 2020 at Terra Noble event center in Puerto Vallarta organized by Jubileo. According to news reports, there were hundreds in attendance dancing without any masks or security protocol in place. Some reports indicate as many as 70 cars were parked with numerous taxis and ubers dropping off party goes every minute. At 12 midnight a van load of strippers arrived. Various newspaper articles infer that Luis Tello, partner of Paul Christ of Puerto Vallarta’s Hotel Mercurio was an “organizer of the event.” Some other reports indicate that “Luis was in attendance at the party but could not be located when asked for.”

GayPV magazine confirms that Luis Tello was not an organizer of the event and was not in attendance to the event. In fact, Luis was out of town on the day of the event when contacted by GAYPV on 7/5/20. Luis Tello is the subdirector (not the official Director) de Padrón y Licencias de Municipal Puerto Vallarta , the office in the city hall that grants licenses and permits for parties and events in Puerto Vallarta. We understand no permits were requested and none were given for the event which means Luis or any Jalisco government would not have officially known about the event ahead of time to do anything about it.

Also, some indicate city officials were not able to close the event, but according to the Jalisco facebook page the party was eventually closed down( Reports indicate the regalamentos arrived around 1:30 am after reports of the party arrived ) So by the closing of the party, the  Jalisco Director spoke and make its statement. So Why was this gay party shut down? In Jalisco non-essential large gatherings such as parties (even private), meeting rooms, or celebrations where there is a mass of people and the conditions are not in place to avoid massive contagions by Covid 19 are still prohibited as of June 4, 2020. Also alcohol, if served at this party would have required the purchase of food and appropriate social distancing “non congretating spacing” So In fact other Mexican newspapers report there were 4 private parties closed in Puerto Vallarta this weekend by the Dirección de Inspección y Reglamentos including the Terra Noble party.

Paco Ojeda who has the morning video talk show Coffee and Headlines will be addressing this topic further on Monday July 6, 2020 so please tune in for the latest details. 

See the Spanish Article here and image courtesy of

Another Spanish article by Osen Medios Radio below claiming Sr Luis Tello was organizer of the event. 

Editor’s Note: We are clarifying that Luis Tello was not the organizer or in attendance at this party as stated in the news reports. We urge everyone to follow the offical health guidelines to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 



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