Puerto Vallarta News The Malecon Fully Opens September 29 2020

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puerto vallarta news maleconPuerto Vallarta News The Malecon Fully Opens September 29 2020. Puerto Vallarta authorities finally fully opened the malecon by removing the yellow caution tape that has been placed over the section of the Malecón closest to the ocean for 6 months of restrictions due to the covid health contingency. Access to the famous malecon sculptures, the beach area, Los Arcos, the sea horse or the Puerto Vallarta letters will no longer be restricted. Many walkers have ignored the yellow tape that limited access to these area except that sections could be accessed for certain businesses fronting the area. 

A section of the Malecon opened for shopping June 5 2020.  There are some reports saying that it will not be open until June 8, 2020. The president of the Puerto Vallara business Association, Fernando Pineda Trillo, announced a section of the walkway known as Malecon 2 (from Zaragoza street to the Cuale river) will be open for pedestrians to access the businesses along these areas of the Malecon. The president emphasized this is partial reopening of the Malecon, not a total reopening of it. 

In a joint agreement between the Puerto Vallarta city municipal government and some restaurants in the Malecon area, it was decided that a section of the Malecon open for restaurant clients only will be allowed starting Monday May 25, 2020.

Guadalupe Guerrero Carvajal, president of the Commission of Tourism and Economic Development, reported that after a virtual conference meeting they determined to open access to the Malecon only to restaurant clients, while the rest of the Malecon will continue to be closed until federal and state authorities allow the opening of public spaces.


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