Puerto Vallarta To Guadalajara Highway November 2020 Update

Puerto Vallarta To Guadalajara Highway November 2020 Update. The eventual hope of driving by car from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta in two and a half hours will have to wait at least one more year according to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) Nayarit delegation. This according to the latest progress update issued October 2020 despite the fact the highway called Vía Corta Jala-Compostela-Puerto Vallarta highway is six years late and this past January the undersecretary of infrastructure, Cedric Iván Escalante, assured that the highway would be ready in 2020.  Two of the three highway sections are still not complete. Section number 1, which is located in Jalisco, is the only one that is complete and currently operating.  However, sections 2 and 3 in Nayarit are incomplete but are under construction. 

Section 1 is 54 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta to Compostela is completed and in operation since August 31, 2019 This year it was closed at kilometer 38 to stabilize the slopes and to contain landslides but is expected to be back operational November 30, 2020. 

Section 2, which goes from kilometer 54 to kilometer 83 + 100 from Compostela to Las Varas, Nayarit is 51 percent complete.  

Section 3 from Las Varas to Puerto Vallarta has a length of 79.6 kilometers and is the section causing the worst delay. The SCT reported that it is 40 percent complete estimated to be complete in October 2021 when the contract with the company Impulsora del Desarrollo y el Empleo en América Latina (IDEAL) ends.

The contruction was originally only supposed to last two years when originally announced in 2012. However it has suffered constant delays due to obtaining environmental permits and release of right of ways.

See the Spanish article here. 



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