DJ Felipe Lira

DJ Felipe Lira

We had a wonderful chance to meet DJ Felipe Lira who was spinning at Mantamar Beach Club January 26, 2019. 

Thank you for speaking with GAYPV. You are spinning at Mantamar Jan 26, 2019..for the first time in PV? 

Yes, this is my first time in Puerto Vallarta!  I am staying at Almar and have been here for only 2 days. It is wonderful here. 

Where are you from?

I am currenly living in Sao Pualo, Brazil. 

What makes DJ Lira different that other DJ’s when mixing and spinning?

I bring a lot of intense energy to my music. My goal is for everyone to dance, feel happy and enjoy the music versus just hearing music to party to. That is very important to me. I dont want to just play circuit party music if I have the chance. I like to explore and get into house music. 

What events do you currently playing?

I currenly play about 2 times per month at The Week Nightclub in Sao Paulo Brazil. I have played at many circuit events likeHeaven and Hell, Sun Island, Southern Decadence, WE Party and upcoming for New York Pride 2019. My all time favorite was Xlsior Circuit party. 

What is the perfect music set for you?

An open air party enviroment, like Mantamar, not too packed like a beach or sunset open air party versus a boxed in closed club.  I also enjoy water park environments.

The dance floor is always changing musically. What do you do to keep your music fresh and appealing?

The younger gay generation enjoys more pop type music and instant everything …lol  and We have less anthems.. and with the internet a new hit emerges more rapidly than in the past. Also I say we have less Divas today than before all this affects the music that is popular today.

Can you comment on the trend for less big gay clubs to more non weekly parties and events. Has that changed the DJ or music?

Yes, it is very true. As a result Dj’s have less opportunity to be creative. We have to be more safe in what we play to be popular. Also we have less work as huge parties are less frequent so there are only so many parties to go around. I must say Brazil still has a huge weekly circuit and dance floor scene so there is still many great opportunities to play more frequently here.  This includes cities like Sao Paulo, Brazilia, Rio De Janeiro,  and Salvador still have a huge club scene. 

Are you in a relationship?  We interview many porn stars and say it is difficult to have a relationship. Can you tell us what is like to have a relationship as a successful DJ?

I am currently single after a break up from a 10 year relationship where I was married. It is very hard to be in a relationship if you are successful DJ, because you are always traveling and working..

Who the biggest influencers on your music and style?

The late DJ Peter Rauhofer, a great friend and DJ Abel.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy cooking at home (shrimp), spending time with other DJ’s, and finally my beagle Luke!



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