Act ii Puerto Vallarta Hedda Lettuce Tossed Salad For 2019-2020

hedda lettuce

act ii puerto  hedda lettuce

Act ii Puerto Vallarta Hedda Lettuce Tossed Salad For 2019-2020 Thank you so much for this GAYPV interview…We love your new drag show Tossed Salad currently at Act 2 Entertainment for the 2019-2020 season.  

Tell your fans what they can expect when seeing this show, especially if they have seen you before? Comedy, song and some light dancing. This season I am coming out as not only a comedienne but also a singer/songwriter. Every song in the show has been written by me over the past 15 years. Some song titles highlights: “you can’t drink with a dick in your mouth” , “the carpets match the drapes”, “text me when your drunk”, “fuck your prayers and thoughts”.

You were born, raised, and perform in New York City. Tell us how New York City cabaret scene might differ from other cabaret scenes, especially here in Puerto Vallarta. There is not much difference. Both NYC  and puerto vallarta have a vibrant cabaret scene. So many great world wide talents come to PV to perform and it makes this town very special. 

Have you performed in other US cities? If so  what are you favorite cities to perform? I have performed in most major cities in the United states. San Francisco is one of my favorites. 

Due to great venues like Act 2 Entertainment, cabaret in Puerto Vallarta is thriving. Tell us what it means to perform in Puerto Vallarta where cabaret is thriving…as this is not the case in every LGBT destination.  Act 2 makes PV a very special place to perform. It’s one of the nicest venues  I have performed in. PV is a mashup of Mexico, NYC, San Francisco and Provincetown which makes it so unique and special. It is the mixture of cultures that I find most attractive about this town.

How is the cabaret scene and audience in Puerto Vallarta different than New York City? Canadians! Hahahaha. I have never performed to so many Canadians outside of Canada.

How did the green theme evolve and why did you choose this as your character?  The green theme just made sense with my name and is good for branding. Hedda has evolved as a character over a long time and has provided me with many blessings. I chose Hedda to perform under because it allows me a lot of freedom as an entertainer to express myself.

Is it true that cherry pie, chocolate milk, pizza, and diet Dr Pepper are some of your favorite things?  What are some things you hate? Yes they are all of my favorite things! I am a teenager at heart. I dislike tardiness.

You have been hired as the new producer of RuPaul’s Drag Race. What do you do different and what do you try to create from the show to show the world about Drag Queens?  If I was hired as one of the producers of drag race, I would have me on the panel of judges (lit beautifully with a soft amber gel), and I would shoot the top three drag queens out of a canon into vat of chocolate pudding. The one who eats their way out wins. 

Do you have a drag queen mentor? Or famous role model shaping and molding your career?I do not have a favorite drag queen. I think most of them are a bit basic. If I was held at gun point and had to choose a mentor, it would be Michelle Obama.

What advice do you give to someone considering becoming a premier Drag Queen like yourself?  I would tell them it’s a very difficult job, but it can be rewarding. There’s a lot of competition and if you can handle wig discomfort, ball rot, fallen arches, corset scars, and drunken hecklers then I say go for your dreams! 

What do you see for Hedda Lettuce in 10 years?  Officiate weddings? White House Press Secretary 2020?  In ten years I’d like to see myself retired, Settled down with a family, two children and a dog. Oh get a grip, I am going to keep performing until I drop dead on stage. Live performing is my passion

What is your ultimate achievement left to attain?  My ultimate achievement left? To Settle down with a family, two children and a dog…no. To just keep making people laugh. Sometimes with me, sometimes at me. I don’t care as long as their laughing. I just want to keep living a creative life with a touch of green glamour.



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