Interview Eileen Toodaleft AKA Rosa MeLano

Eileen Toodaleft

Interview Eileen Toodaleft AKA Rosa MeLano. Eileen thank you for talking to us at GAYPV. Recently, you have become one of Puerto Vallarta’s most famous and sought after drag superstars. We have been flooded with requests for us to find out all about you…so let’s get to know Eileen Toodaleft. 


You are now a mega super drag star. It is rumored that you frequently and openly grab your fans at random, kiss and fondle them. Who is the hottest fan you have groped recently and where were you?
 I am Puerto Vallarta’s friendliest drag superstar. Kissing and fondling is my way of being friendly. So there is that.  But really, as Donald Trump once said, “You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. I move on them like a bitch. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”  But for the record I am Eileen Toodaleft. Very much Too-da-left. So NOT a fan of Mr. Trump. Mainly because the whole world knows who he’s groped and kissed, and Eileen does not kiss and tell. That saves me a lot in legal expenses.

Have you ever been caught sleeping with one of your married fans?  Yes, many times. And I wasn’t sleeping, if you know what I mean. I remember one poor chap… his wife walked in. I was so shocked that my wig flew right off and got caught up in the ceiling fan. Round and round it went! That’s not the sort of fan a megastar wants to get tangled up with. 

Where do you enjoy performing the most in Puerto Vallarta and why? I enjoy performing anywhere they will pay me, which pretty much limits my performances. But I do show up for the Beers Boys & Burgers pool party at Hotel Mercurio on Sundays. I adore sharing the spotlight with the performers there. Angiestar is a treasure for our town. Mizz Peaches is gorgeous and so talented. And they often feature Tonny Kenneth (such a cutie and he has a stunning voice) and the talented Starboys dancers. It’s always a fun place to be on Sunday afternoon.

Who designs your costumes for your Beers/Boys/Burgers shows? Jose Luis Casillas, at KY Moda in Colonia Versalles has made some wonderful gowns for me. Very haute couture, because when you’re a megastar like me, you can’t go out in just anything. And there’s also a young and talented designer, Gabriel Valenzuela. His designs are very avant garde. I adore both of these guys work, and they always make me look fabulous!

What is your favorite brand/style of Mercurio underwear (I only make swimwear for now) and why?Mercurio Swim has 4 styles of bikinis and 2 styles of swim shorts. I’m a big boned girl, and not as young as I used to be, so for me, the swim shorts are best. But I love to see a sexy body in the smallest bikini style, called “Pepe.” Each of the styles has a name. There’s “Pepe,” the skimpiest bikini, up to the square cut boxer style called “Juan.”

Who is the hottest Mercurio swimwear model? Which one have you slept with the most? Who is your favorite go go dancer at the weekly pool party? Well, all the models and dancers are hot. It’s hard to pick the hottest one. And I’m sort of the mother to all of them (and lemme tell ya… it gets expensive being a single mother to dozens of young men!) So, like any mother, I have to say, I adore them all equally.

Is RuPaul’s drag race showing a positive or negative influence affecting the ‘world’s 2nd oldest profession of being a drag queen?”  RuPaul is the consummate professional. She’s launched so many successful careers in our special niche of show business. She’s inspired so many young people to explore their own issues of identity and gender. And she’s helped straight people all over the world to see that being a drag queen is not shameful, or “abnormal.” It’s to be celebrated and it’s fun! So I’d say RuPaul has been a very positive influence on the profession and on acceptance of the trans community in general!

Describe the best things about Puerto Vallarta being a number one gay destination.  What are your favorite events and things to do here? I love the shows! There’s always great talent at all the show venues! And the gogo guys and drag shows at the bars and clubs are phenomenal! As a drag queen myself, I know how much work it is to put on these shows! 

Do you prefer looking for sex online or in the bars and clubs? Which are you most successful at? Actually, because of my glamor and radiant beauty (as a mature woman) I never have to look for sex… sex finds me. Of course, actually having sex through a girdle, a thick layer of foam rubber and 3 layers of panty hose is a bit challenging. But I make it work.

Will you address the rumors that you might accept the position of press secretary for the next United States Democrat President administration?  I can’t confirm or deny that I have been in talks with a couple of the candidates. Oops! Did I just confirm that rumor?  If it works out, it would be a triumphal return to Washington DC, where I worked in politics for many years. And that Pete Buttigieg is such a hottie. I wouldn’t mind working in close quarters with him, even if he is married. As his press secretary I could do a lot of pressing.

With all the huge number of drag superstars performing in PV (Mama Tits, Hedda Lettuce, Sutton Seymour, Miss Conception) how have you managed to rise in fame and popularity so fast?  Those performers are absolutely the best! I adore them! But I think that it helps that I sleep around a lot more than they do. My milkshake does bring all the boys to the yard, you know. 

What are your fashion and beauty secrets and tips?  Now if I told you my beauty secrets, they wouldn’t be secrets anymore, now would they?  But I’ll give you one tip… lots of jaw action helps keep that unsightly sagging of the chin and jowls under control. And it’s true that a shot of semen around the eyes (carefully, not in the eyes) can relieve that puffiness that comes after a night of hard drinking.

Address the rumors that you and Paul Crist are at odds, especially over the creative control of your performances and show times. How difficult is Paul to work with? It is also rumored that all the Go Go’s must sleep with Paul to be hired as a go go dancer or performer at your shows? What do you know about this?  Oh no. Paul gives me complete artistic freedom. He can be demanding, and a stickler for details, but that’s part of his job. Now, about the hiring of the gogos. It is true. The gogos do have to sleep with Paul in order to be hired. But he views this as a necessary part of making sure the gogos can properly fill out the front of those sexy Mercurio Swim swimsuits. They have that contoured pouch in front and Paul insists that pouch must be filled with the real thing… no socks in the show! So a close examination of the package is a sacrifice that Paul feels he must make to ensure a really big show at the Beers Boys and Burgers pool parties at Hotel Mercurio.

What else would you like to say to your fans? Come see me, and the performers and gogos, every Sunday at Hotel Mercurio! It starts at 4 pm but gets crowded early so don’t be late!



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