Jeffrey Sanker Discusses Bringing White Party To Puerto Vallarta

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Exclusive interview with Jeffrey Sanker, creator of White Party. Jeffrey Thank you for speaking with GAYPV. The big news of the day here is Jeffrey Sanker Discusses Bringing White Party To Puerto Vallarta

We are joining forces with Latin Fever producer Will Gorges. The inaugural WHITE PARTY PUERTO VALLARTA will be headlined by two of the industry’s powerhouse DJs- ALEX ACOSTA and CINDEL along side local talents DJ Ramses and Daniel Sandoval. To keep with the WHITE PARTY PALM SPRINGS tradition, there will be big surprises unveiled along the way including top performers, WHITE PARTY signature Go-go Gods, and Andrew Christian giveaways.

When is the first White Party Puerto Vallarta?

WHITE PARTY PUERTO VALLARTA will be Thanksgiving weekend November 27th thru November 30th, 2015. Book tickets at and

Why did you choose Puerto Vallarta? 

WHITE PARTY has become more than just a party. It is an institution. After 25 years, it’s time we bring the festival outside North America and what better place to do it than in Puerto Vallarta during Latin Fever.

To whom or what do you attribute your success?

When I was first starting out, I worked for Steve Rubell at Studio 54.  While he may not have been the best role model, he knew how to throw great parties and I learned many great lessons I still use today.

Two things in particular he told me: “The one thing you own in life is your name,” and “always show up for your own party.”

Do you have a favorite dance song of all time?  What is it about that song you love so much?

Oh wow, that’s a really difficult question….almost impossible to answer, really.  I have so many favorite songs and I honestly couldn’t tell you the name of most of them …I usually have to hear it and then say “oh I love this song.”  Instead I’ll tell you the first song that came to my mind when you asked that question….which is INDIGO’s  cover of “Perfect Day”.  I’ve heard this song at events all over the world from IBIZA to my own Tea Dance over White Party Weekend in Palm Springs and it’s such a great feel good song.

Does what the White Party has become exceed your wildest expectations? Is it what you dreamed it would be?

Sometimes I look out over the crowd and think, “My God, what have I done?”  I always had faith in the event, even during the first three years when I was investing a lot of money just to build the brand.  Now, White Party has become an annual tradition for many.  I’m thankful and proud of that.

It’s especially gratifying to see the overall White Party experience evolve in vibrant and sexy ways while maintaining the highest quality standards.   We always strive to keep things fresh, such as the whole new approach we are taking with our White Party main event, as well as adding to the fun and excitement of the weekend with daytime events such as our Water Park party.

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you at White Party?

Grace Jones performed one year.  Afterward she was naked, chasing boys up and down the halls.

When you are not throwing parties, what can we find you doing

movies diners with friends and traveling  …LOL  Seriously! I love to travel and I LOVE Puerto Vallarta!




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