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If Puerto Vallarta had a yearly awards ceremony, Christine Deaver would surely win “Best Female Cabaret Show” and we would create a special award for her as “THE MOST LOVED!!” Rarely does a performer come along that captures the hearts of 100% of their audience, but Christine Deaver is the exception! As a trained singer, dancer, actress and natural comedienne, she possesses the very rarest of the rare combination of talents. She is sly, devious, clever and wildly funny, but then she glides into a strong heart-felt luscious ballad and shows us another side of her amazing capabilities. GAYPV recently sat down with Ms. Deaver to talk about her upcoming shows in Vallarta.
Where is home for you and what keeps you busy before coming to Puerto Vallarta?

Los Angeles is home, whenever I’m there, which seems quite seldom.  I recently spent 8 months in Seattle performing at Teatro Zinzanni which is a blend of European style cabaret, circus arts, vaudeville and fine dining in a Belgian spiegeltent.

We are so looking forward to having you back at Red Room this year. What are you dates?

I will be back this season in December.  Show dates are December 15,17, 20, 22 ,24, 27, 29, 31.   I then go onto Ajijic for a one night gig January 6th.

You were here at Act 2 last year. Was that your first time and what persuaded you, beside money, to return?

Last season was my first time performing in Puerto Vallarta.  I have been to PV several times as a tourist but never to work.  My parents have retired here and are loving it!  What’s not to love!?  I came down here a few years ago on vacation and decided to check out the cabaret scene here and was quite surprised at the variety of talent.  I figured why not mix business with pleasure.  I, too, have fallen in love with the town and the people.  Especially the people I work with at the Red Room.  They have been so supportive and great to work with.  I’m really looking forward to being back this season!

Tell us what you think of the cabaret scene here in PV compared to other places you perform.

What’s great about the cabaret scene here in PV is that there ACTUALLY IS a cabaret scene.    In PV, you can walk down the street and walk into a club any night of the week.  You can have a cocktail and see a great show at a ridiculously great price.  You can then walk down the street again into a different club and see another show on the same night.  And the talent is good and varied.  On nights I’m not working, I go see shows all the time.  I love it!

What will your shows be like this year? What can viewers expect?

The show this year is entitled “Hermosa Y Fabulosa”!  Which means “Beautiful and Fabulous”!  I didn’t have room on the poster to put “modest” in the title.  Who wants to see a show entitled “Modest and Unassuming”?  Not me!  This year’s show will include various music styles:  pop; show tunes; blues; rock; comedy; audience participation; and tequila.  You’ll have a good time!  Did I mention the tequila???

What LGBT causes are near and dear to your heart?

Well, on the heels of this horrific election process we Americans just went thru there are a lot of causes that are of importance to me.  LGBTQ rights, Women’s rights, human rights, etc.  My sister and her partner of over 20 years recently got married in Washington state.  Legally.  LEGALLY!  I legally have a sister-in-law!  I’m thrilled to be able to say that.  I was thrilled to witness their marriage.  It’s been a long time coming and it must stay that way.  It is not a gay right.  It is a HUMAN right.  

Do you have a drag mentor?

Don Knotts. You know I’m a “natural” woman, right?  Although, I have been mistaken for drag queens frequently, which I take as a compliment.  I mean, who doesn’t love a drag queen?  They’re fabulous!  Perhaps it’s the wigs, costumes, lashes and make-up I use because I’m definitely not a “less is more” kinda gal.  

Who does your costumes?

I have various designers I work with and I also do some myself.  My absolute favorite designer is Debra “Beaver” Bauer from San Francisco.  She has designed my costumes I wear at Teatro Zinzanni for many years.  I have played many wacky and wild characters over the past 13 years.   Creating a character’s look with her is sheer pleasure.  One of my favorites was when I was working on a new character named “Voluptuous Panic”.  I said “I need the boobs to look like dart targets, light up and squirt vodka”.  If anyone can make that happen, Beaver can!  And she did!

What is new or upcoming with Christine Deaver?

I’m always working or thinking up new projects and show ideas.  In the works is a new show in Seattle, a Christmas CD, a possible tour, and I’m hoping to get my taxes done this year without the need of an extension.  A girl can dream!

Tell GAYPV something that no one else knows about you.

I watch the Food Network when I’m on the treadmill – which in Los Angeles is probably illegal.  

What are your other interests beside performing on stage?

I’m a huge animal lover and advocate.  I love gardening, winetasting, swimming in the ocean, traveling, trying new cocktails and spicy food.  And when I’m in PV……..Panchos Tacos, baby!!  I think I could marry that red hot sauce they make!  You’re all invited to the wedding!

Opening Night is December 15, 2016.  Get your tickets at



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