Rafael Velazquez One of PV’s New Singing Sensations

One of Puerto Vallarta’s newest singing sensations is Rafael Velazquez. His voice is being heard all over PV at La Cantina Catrina, Hotel Mercurio, Casita and Garden and Incanto. We decided to get in touch with him for an interview to find out more about him.

Rafael thank for your taking time to speak to GAYPV Magazine. Where are you from?
I am from Tepic, Nayarit.

Where did you get your musical training? I attended the most demanding school of Mexico, Bellas Artes in Mexico City. I studied Operístic singing plus many other other aspects of music like harmony and análisis of music etc,

How would you describe your shows? What I hear most often about my show is “you told me you sing but not actually that you SING”. I perform Mexican songs, classic pop from the 80’s or jazz in a Mexican mariachi suit totally something you would not expect to hear based on my costumes.

How do you choose the songs you perform? I am constantly seeking for feedback from the audience what they like to hear. I also try to choose songs where I connect with the story it has.

When did you discover your musical ambition? Since a child I was always influenced by arts. I loved drawing and learning dancing class in school. Singing was another big passion but I really did not know if I would have the opportunities to make myself known for it. So that is why I am so excited about what is happening now in Vallarta for people to know me.

Who has been the biggest influence on my musically? I would have to say I have been most influenced by all my teachers. Each one of them have contributed a small part to my life.

PV is the #1 cabaret destination in Mexico. What does that mean to you? I really did not know this until I got here and discovered it. I am honored to be here where there are so many opportunities. It is truly amazing.

Where are some of the places you are performing? Right now my shows include Mexican songs, Frank Sinatra type classics and opera.  I perform weekly at Catrina Cantina Cantina (1 hour) and Incanto (90 mins with more opera music) with appearances at Hotel Mercurio, and Casita and Garden plus other occasional events.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not performing? I love going to the movies and hanging at home. The big parties I really enjoy are my shows!

What is next you hope to do? I am looking to stay in PV and have the audiences know my name. I would hope to take my voice and talent to the USA, CANADA, or Europe.

Rafael (right) performing for the first time with Alberto Cuevas “El Diamante” at Hotel Mercurio.


To see Rafael Velazquez’s schedule and follow him on social media visit Rafael’s facebook here and his instagram here. 




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