Steve Grand returning to ACT 2 Cabaret for 2018 Season

Steve Grand

We are happy to announce that Steve Grand will be returning to ACT 2 for the upcoming 2018/2019 season. We sat down with him to get an update on his career, his latest album and what to expect for the new shows at ACT 2. 

After two series of shows in Puerto Vallarta in 2018 what can your fans expect to see new in your shows this season at ACT 2? I have a brand new album out as of July 6 called “not the end of me,” so fans can expect to hear me perform music from that album as well as their favorites from my debut, “All-American Boy.” I also play about 30-40% covers that I am always switching up, so the audience will get a chance to hear me perform some of the music that has inspired me. I do a lot of classic stuff like Elton John, Queen, Bruce Springsteen etc. Though the music is always changing, fans can always expect my very personable stage presence. I like it keep it very casual and even conversational. I like to tell stories from my life and let fans know what’s on my mind.

Tell us what you think about the cabaret scene here in Puerto Vallarta?  I love it! It’s so awesome to be able to travel to such a beautiful, tropical place, with gorgeous beaches, and also have venues that showcase the kinds of artists that are at Act II Stages!

What if anything do you hear about Puerto Vallarta as a gay travel destination from your friends or fans?  People always talk about how beautiful and laid back it is! Great food, beautiful town, and beautiful beaches!

You came back for Vallarta Pride 2018. Tell us what you thought about Vallarta Pride 2018? Do you perform at other prides internationally? Vallarta Pride in 2018 was a lot of fun! Probably the longest parade I was ever a part of! Awesome to see such a nice mix of locals and vacationers.  Also, as well as Vallarta Pride, I’ve performed at World Pride in Toronto Canada, and Euro Pride in Riga, Latvia, and I’ve also done Sydney Mardis Gras in Sydney Australia,

What do you enjoy doing in Puerto Vallarta when you are not performing?  I definitely frequent the taco stands more than I should! ;) I like going to see other shows, and during the days, I like exploring different beaches.

Your new hit CD Not the End of Me was released on July 6th and is your first one in 4-5 years that has went to #2 for Pop Cd in I- Tunes. The title song is about a hard relationship break up. Are you over it and what can you tell us about the relationship?  I was in a long-term relationship from the age 18-25. The last few years were really tumultuous and painful. I’m more over it each day, but it was difficult for a while. When you are that young, who you are with really comes a part of who you are because you are still forming as a person yourself. Separating from someone who feels like they are a part of you can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to be the end of you! Remember, you are the author of your own story! Have the strength. It does get better with time.

Can you talk about if you are ready for another relationship now?  I’m open to it. My commitment to my career and the fact that I travel so much does make it difficult to think about settling down just yet. But I really want to have a partner. Have someone new be a part of my family.

What do you look for in a potential partner?  Confidence, intelligence, honestly, loyalty; someone wise enough to know they will never know it all.

How have you changed the industry? How have I changed the music industry?!? That’s a big question! I’m not sure I have! I’ve managed to carve out my own unique path thanks to modern technology and social media, but I am not the first, nor will I be the last!

Talk about the challenges and advantages of being a self propelled your own label artist. It seems to be working well for you..are you anticipating making any changes? Well it’s all on you whether you fail or succeed. You hear artists that are on labels complain about their labels when things go wrong, but for me, I’m the only one I can blame. So it requires an enormous amount of self-discipline which can be very challenging for me. But it’s very rewarding when things go right. It makes me feel like I can accomplish anything!

What LGBT charitable causes and events are important to you? I really love the Trevor project because they do a lot for LGBTQ Youth.

You have stated John Lennon and The Beatles have been the biggest influence on your career. Do you have any song that is a result of his/their influence?  Well not the biggest, but one of the bigger ones, yes. I grew up listening to the Beatles with my dad. Hearing about how music shaped him in his formative years made me want to write. In my song “Disciple” I refer to “Mother Mary,” which I’m sure came at least partly from The Beatles’ song “Let it Be,” though that one was written by Paul, not John.

You had done modeling before your music career.   Do you regret it and would you change anything about it?  Are you bothered if someone seems interested in you for your looks versus your musical talent?  It’s a bit of a misnomer that I was a professional model. I did some shoots for fun, but I wasn’t making money from it. I don’t regret it. It was where I was on my journey. I didn’t have anyone guiding me. I did the best I could at the time and so far it’s all been okay :)

What do you want people to know about you that they don’t already? I don’t like watching movies at 60 frames per second. Only 24 or 30 ;P

If you were not an artist/singer what would you most enjoy as a career?  Maybe I would be a clinical psychologist. I’ve always been interested in the human psyche and god knows I’m seen many therapists for many years, so I have a lot of experience already ;)

I want to make sure my fans know I love them very much and am so grateful for their support and patience! My fans can get my full tour schedule at I hope everyone follows me there so they don’t miss me when I come to a town near them! I get a lot of bookings last minute and hate when folks miss out!



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