Victor Hugo Guevara A Puerto Vallarta Culinary Tastemaker

Victor Hugo Guevara was born on September 16, 1991 in the beautiful colonial city of San Luis Potosi. The son of loving parents, Guevara grew up under the wings of his mother Amelia Guevara, while his father traveled extensively for work. Guevara commented, “Since childhood I have been interested in the kitchen, helping my mother to develop recipes handed down from her mother and grandmother.”

At the age of 14 Guevara obtained his first professional job as a Chef’s understudy helping in a restaurant kitchen that was just across the street from his home. After finishing high school at the age of 17, Guevara embarked on a journey to Mexico City to pursue his passion, the kitchen and culinary creations. There at the Culinary Institute of Mexico he learned not only on how to improve his family recipes, but a whole new gastronomic world opened open up to him. His first formal residency occurred at the intimate San Luis Potosi King Inn Restaurant. He became a protégé of the owner, who had a ranch where he bred and raised animals such as wild boar and deer. This led Guevara to continue his education and further improve his cooking technique in wild game preparation.

Now, for the past four years he has traveled between San Luis Potosi and the world famous Pacific Resort City of Puerto Vallarta, in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. It is here that he has worked as a private chef for celebrities and renowned entrepreneurs visiting Puerto Vallarta. 

Guevara states, “My passion is to please my clients through unique dishes, ones that satisfy both hunger and more importantly please the palate – eating SHOULD be an emotionally gratifying experience. If I have done my job successfully, the memory will last a lifetime! ”

His specialty cuisines lean to healthy dishes- with artful use of vegetables and the clients choice of protein.  Ultimately, the final presentation, is a work of art! A rising STAR in the culinary industry, he may be contacted, appropriately at[email protected]



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