Fran’s Scene Feb 10 2018

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I have not been going out much this season. Usually I am out and about daily and nightly. I have a few medical issues to sort out that are my priority. I love going out! I love meeting new folks in town! I love attending so many of the events and shows at all of the amazing venues here! This year…not so much . Sigh. The biggest woe for me…is…I cannot wear my fabulous heels anymore! Dammit all. I will again someday. There is nothing like wearing them! Your stature grows…you feel amazing! And Sexy. Even if you do not desire someone such as I…I feel wantable. Not a word? I don’t care…your get it right?  All about me. Hehe. I am an artist…I make shit up…why stop there? And…I have great tits! They are well known in these parts hehe. Ahem. I had to put in a plug …

So…because of this I am not up current first hand  on all the new fun stuff going on this season. It is just plain crappy timing. I had planned to write all about the fun events and shows etc  in our town…and too some of my rants that piss me off. One has to keep it all even steven. But talk to folks…ask around…read the publications…you will find your pleasure here. 

I even missed Bear Week this year. I LOVE BEAR WEEK! Beef Dip. Mmmmmm

Twinks kinda upset me…as they think they are god’s gift to the world. Bears don’t give a shit. It is not a fashion show for them. It seems to me from experience. They just wanna have fun! And Boy can they be fun!  So sorry I missed that recently. 

There are so many new bars and dining venues opening this year. Sigh…again I have not been. Man…I suck. Lol 

I will be 63 this year soon. Kinda feeling it physically…but not mentally. I think I look ok for my age and I do always act like I am a teenager of sorts…ok at least much younger than I am.  I am very open minded, and fun.  I want to join in on the fun you men have. You would not be dissapointed. Wink. Often I am shunned. Another rant for another day.

There is so much flavour here in Vallarta. Food and Culture, Parties, Bars and fun  and most of all People. When you visit here…say hello as you walk down the street. Smile too! You will enjoy what that brings to you! 

This is Vallarta! Mexico! We are a lovely mix of all kinds. Embrace that and you will go back home…saying…wow!!!!

Enjoy your stay!!!  Besos Francine! 

The stilettos are being looked after…yep…I will walk fabulous again! Hee!





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