Puerto Vallarta-A Gaybourhood Really??

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Puerto Vallarta to be called a Gaybourhood? Stop it now! Really…stop it! It is commonly called Zona Romantica, Olde Town or to be more exact Emiliano Zapata. Leave well enough alone!  

This is a bit of a rant. Ok a good long, longtime coming rant from myself.  I am a bit rankled. 

I am hearing a groundswell of commentary regarding calling the neighborhood I live in here in Vallarta …Zona Romantica to now become officially the Gaybourhood?? Stop it please!! I hope it is just bluster and will die off. You can all easily know it as such…but to officially call it such is ludicrous. Gayburhood will never be my mailing address. Heck tell your buddies you are in the village maybe…far less offensive to all. And most of the LGBTQ ilk know what that is. 

Come on gays! (men) Really? Years and decades of fighting for the right to be integrated as a worthy  part of the world’s society and now many of you  want to segregate yourselves?  Hmmmm Sad. I feel it often…by tourists…not locals.Ok I have run into a few local hard cases actually.   I fought  too since the early 70’s for the right to exist as me. …and you too. Will there be no selling of cupcakes to straight people? Gotta say…gotta ask? 

I live the discrimination a lot. From those who do not know me personally.  I am well received, known  and loved in this town. I am fortunate for this. Yet…IT lives among us. Within. Discrimination. Oft unfair judgment because of being different. But you are not gay!!??  I do not like to get political or outwardly angry. I dislike fighting. I do however, speak my mind. Damn the torpedoes as they say. I too am well aware I write for a Gay publication too. So here we go. Published or not.  

This is how I see it.

 Never happy? One needs to have sidewalks painted? Yes it is great to have support from the cities we live in that do this. To show their support. But, hoods named for you to feel whole? Not necessary is it? When is Hell’s Kitchen going to be renamed Gay Kitchen? C’mon. 

Why even go here? The Gay movement recently wants to own it seems more of  being different. Why? I get that the battles still ensue what with the politics these days. I do. But to come to Vallarta Mexico to change our neighborhood to make it totally gay? Loosely translated…Gay men town.  No Bueno in my books. 

This whole scenario has become overly obvious during my last 10 years of Pride events here and elsewhere. It is becoming a gay men’s party. Events are for the very most part about boy pool parties etc. Speedos and twinks and boy strippers.Lots of sex. Fine enjoy that…but everywhere?  No one else need apply or show up. Clothing optional pool parties? Only if you are a man. ??? Hmmmm Truth. Give me a DNA test…I am male!I still have my junk.  I just have round chest implants …not square pec ones like the guys on the beach.  Even steven homies.  But…no…I am not permitted to partake in the festivities.  What went sideways here? The Rainbow as I grew up fighting for was for equality for all of us.Us who were different and wished to be accepted as such. 

  I ask. I have to. I see the change. Outrageous question from myself here…but what is next Gay men only Pride? What about the rest of us under the umbrella? Pride events always promote love and all loved etc…but really…not so much. I have fought the battles and been shit kicked for doing so. Even when volunteering at Pride events. Not here…back in Vancouver.  Why? I was not a sexy young male gay boy? Yes there are gay thugs in this world.. Wow. Think about that. Gays would walk past me…step over me  bleeding on the street and ignore. Boy party time! Onward.I was just a tramp tranny!  Pfffft Yes, I hold a grudge of sorts. I earned that from a few scars received. Both physical and mental. I am toughened by it and feisty because of. 

Give yourself a chance to meet me…get know me and even talk to me…you will see different from your pre conceptions of who you deem me to be. I can and will be a great friend. I am fun. But if you close that door…sad for you as you will never reap  my love and efforts on your behalf.  I  live my life here harmoniously with my people…my friends and family here in PV. 99% of them gay and otherwise under the umbrella and the straight community.  Yet when an event shows up in town things change…dramatically. I may boycott Pride this year. I am tired of the shit I receive. Enjoy your week of debauchery and when you leave  I can come out again. Sad to hear huh? indeed. Am I the only one? Not likely. I am the only one to say something though. I will stick to my local bar haunts and forgo the festivities.

Maybe it is because we have a much smaller population of Lesbians , trans etc here in Vallarta that it becomes a male dominated event. More likely it all about money.  Yes, the men do love the drag queens…heck we all do! I do!! I know most of them. But I see often not much love for women or transwomen. Again…from the gay tourists drawn here. I do meet many wonderful tourists, but in my quieter part of town not the busy, noisy, happening party bars, That seems to breed a nasty attitude thus I now avoid. A shame really that I have to feel this way. 

I will stand loud and fierce over this issue. I have lived here 7 years and things are going stupid. I am very fortunate…I am now a well known artist and a bit of a personality…but others? The lesbian population, the trans population, the bi or pansexual cisgender population.ETC.  Nada. Do they not get equal time? Equal billing? Or parties? Yes, I hear …but of course you can come…but reality is..we are shunned to a corner somewhere.Stared at disgustingly, whispered in tones just loud enough for us to hear but not ballsy enough to speak up…or plain just ignored. Do you remember those days? Not fun huh. 

  I am bold…I do not care. I join the crowd and fight me on it? I live here I belong here!! I will dress you down and own my space and rights.So  spread the wealth…what are you so afraid of? You want love and acceptance …then provide it too! For god’s sake. 

There was new bar club that opened by me when I lived in Vancouver. A Lesbian place and open to transpersons. It was lovely. The gay men freaked because they were not permitted in. Wow. Touche fellas! I am still not allowed into a few establishments with my friends here because I am not a full blown dude. Think about that too. Just because I am a trans woman….I am not a hooker! But, hey…them’s the rules huh?  You want to go anywhere yet do not want anyone but a gay man in your venue. Hmmm See my point? 

I spent over three quarters of my life as a male and this sickens me. I am tired of encountering young 20 and 30  something twinks with such enormous pompous attitudes spewing shit at me about my mere existence. I fought so hard for  so that you can be here now sonny boy! Learn some respect. Learn the history. You want to be platinum evangelical when your are young…fine…you will be old someday too honey. Then there are the very old ones who’ve chastised me and show me such disdain. Really? You should know better. They are a tiny minority of course …but nonetheless I hear it from them too. I have heard I ruin the Pride and community by being here. Wow!!! Tell me how! But when approached I get a smirk a grunt and they leave. Yes that is classy. Then slam me at home from your computer! Bravo! 

This horsecrap about renaming our neighborhood is silly and beyond belief. You will only stir a hatred …why? You all here can freely go about your lives and business.Buy your new condo…dine where you want…shop where you want…be fabulous on the playa etc etc.  Thus the question…again…why this need to make it separate from others? From the rest of our town? What about the Mexicans who have let you almost take over their area? You don’t care? All about you and your fabulous gayness? Time for a head shake and dose of reality. You have what you fought for here now. Will a name change make it any better for you? 

In my mind …be gay…be bi…be lesbian…be pansexual…be transexual…be whatever letter you wish attached to the LGBTQ. Or be straight or supportive straight. Who cares? We are all citizens of this world by right. Remember what all the posters and mantra is always about …one love!Under one umbrella! Right? Was this not the end game for survival in this world? 

Zona Romantica is perfect as it has always been for all of us!!! Get over this stupid idea! 

We ALL have the right to be here! Everyone! No need for categorized neighborhoods! I hope this all is spurned from silly rumor and not from the sane minds of most. 





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