Fran’s Scene Puerto Vallarta Clothing Optional Resort and Such

fran's scene clothing optional

Fran’s Scene Puerto Vallarta Clothing Optional Resort and such!

I hear many times in conversations with others…you must love being at the beach everyday enjoying the life in Mexico. Truth be told, I am almost never at the beach. I live here now and I  just do not frequent the tourist places much at all. Do not get me wrong, I love the ocean with its sounds and smells. I do live in a paradise. I just now live in my neigborhood as it has everything I need. And I work everyday. 

Occasionally I will walk the length of the Malecon basically to remind myself of why I first fell in love with Vallarta. It is truly beautiful here. I thought I would live right on the beach someday. Reality is that I live up back on the hill where I can see the whole bay and town below me. Beautiful!!

Now had we access to a clothing optional beach? Yes, then I would venture to the shore more often. I have always been a nudist…naturist …however to be called. Past vacations were spent at clothing optional resorts and beaches. There is such a sense of freedom that is wondrous. I know there are many who would never do such or even imagine going there at all. I understand. But a nude beach is not a fashion show like the normal public beach. People seem freer to talk and socialize and not cordon themselves off. On a clothing optional beach in my experience you never hear the murmurs of…”that person should not wear that bikini or speedo…I mean really?” On a clothing optional beach those same folks would walk past and one waves hello…and thinks…good for them! No matter the age , shape or size or anything else. Even a Trans hybrid such as I. 

I live my life at home in the nude. I work in my art studio in the nude. I only don apparel when I leave the front door. Even then as many know of me…that can be as scanty as possible to get away with. I even have on occasion stepped out the door then realize I forgot to wear a top….oops! Dash back inside.  hehe. 

So…no, I do not go to the beach much. If I do, I seek a lonely desolate one  down the coast on a quiet weekday off season.  I have a swimming hole up river that I frequent for a lovely peaceful skinny dip. Ok…usually peaceful. One day I was enjoying the river and an ATV tour showed up. Eek. LOL Some of the riders jumped in to cool off and had a great time. Me? I just carried on as usual. They all showed up so quickly that there was nothing to do but endure. No one cared. Then I hear my name shouted out. I know one of the operators. He was madly waving at me. Hola Franny!!! I replied…lol…am I now an added attraction? Laughs ensued. 

On the east coast there are many areas for topless swimming etc. There is more of a European influence I would think there. A shame we cannot have our little piece of that here in the Banderas Bay area. 

There may be something coming for us soon. Fingers crossed. Ask me where it is ?? Otherwise, I seek the out of the way spots and my home is always CO. 

I am not preaching or trying to convert anyone. We are all different as it should be. I just know of many who would enjoy somewhere in these parts to be free.



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