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Mexican Culture Tis the Season of December 19, 2018. The month of December here is filled with festivals…music, food, joyous celebration and remembering. The Our Lady of Guadalupe celebrations goes on for 12 days.and nights. There are others too. Fireworks…cannons and celebration. Dancing and drinking. Eating and laughing with your families at hand. A magical blend of culture. 

We here all try our best to help others.  Normally in my old life in Canada this was basically the only time we did such….then forgotten.  Here though? It is an ongoing year round  nurture of helping. I love this! 

The population of Mexican nationals, expats, new immigrants such as I, and visitors…well…we all support those in dire need how ever we can and whenever we can. I personally know of so many wonderful people in this town and area that work tirelessly all year to help many causes that need us our assistance. Orphanages, the poor, the Medical needs, women’s and children’s shelters,  the LGBTQ needs and those affected by natural disaster. ETC ETC

I have gone through the small fortune I entered this country with over the years. Of course I would. I have always helped if needed. Usually to my own detriment. They need more than I. No brainer. I still do as best I can. I donate artwork to raise more money than I have on hand to give. When I have a good period of sales I donate so much more. I do not desire the wealth I sought when I was young anymore. I have a great blessed life here , so I pay it forward when I can. So many here do too. It is so heartwarming to be a part of this caring population here in Vallarta Mexico. 

Yes, tis the season…but here it is daily the love and the support is shown. 

Here during this time of year, we freely celebrate our own beliefs alongside others who may differ. It is a party. It is family. It is joy and hope. Let the fireworks explode overhead! (Sorry doggies)  Enjoy the festive meal with your family and friends! Decorate your tree or street. Enjoy the Posada’s. Hold hands and sing and dance together! Get drunk too! Show the world your parade down the street! 

Once you feel the love from this country of Mexico, there will be no question why you feel the urge to help others here who need our assistance.  Always given with a tearful smile. Thank you Mexico for letting us be a part of this culture and you.  

So yes…Tis the season…but that is only the true start to the real season of love and giving…next year! All year!



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