Fran’s Scene Nov 23 2018 My Pelucas (wigs)



I of course wear such. A pretty necessary item in my life to don before I go out the front door to greet the world. I also have a very large selection to choose from . They range from the ratty…to the fabulous. All colors imaginable. A comprehensive collection of styles and cuts too. The wig…which is for some their identity…their preferred look, mine are a valuable accessory to my being. You see virtually every time you see me…I look different. Blonde one day maybe …red the next. I love that! I coordinate often with what I am wearing.  Gotta match! Or, at least tie in with the look I am after. I have even also in the brutal heat and humidity of the summer gone wigless. Yep. Smooth top…baldy…Kojak ing it! ( you might have to be older to get that last reference. TV show in the seventies. Telly Savalas) 

Anyway, there are always some pitfalls when wearing a wig. At least for myself often. 

Recently while walking down a busy Basilio Badillo I dashed across the road to the other side…much like a chicken. Hehe. Why?  I think I ducked low enough to miss hitting my head on the beautiful flowering tree…one of many that line the street in my mad dash to avoid being run over by a speeding bus. Apparently not! I am several steps away down the sidewalk and suddenly realize I no longer have my long golden locks anymore. NOOOOOOO. Yessssss….there it is well snagged within the branches of said tree. Looking like a gorgeous big bird with flowing golden plumage. Panic sets in…as I look around me to the many people staring at me. I know they are afraid to laugh at my momentary misfortune …I know this. What else can I do but laugh…do a hop skip and jump to the tree to recover my peluca. Now they laugh along with me. And help too!   All good. It was quite a struggle to dislodge that hair from that tree , but it was done and I carried on…somewhat flustered but really…no damage. 

Ahh yes, then there was the time at the beach with a friend. We took turns swimming so as one was always on hand to guard our stuff. The ocean was reasonably calm that day…waves , but not overly large. It is now my turn for a dip in the briny. I venture to my chest …I do not dive under because I am wearing a wig. But this is still luxurious. I wave to my friend on the beach and say take a picture! At that moment I realized…there is no water around me. What? Oh no!!!! Yes, that nasty rogue wave barreled on me and pummeled me. I lost my wig of course, but also my bikini top…the bottoms around my ankles as I am thrust virtually naked eventually onto the beach. I am sure there are several people still in therapy over seeing this naked wigless hybrid wench wash ashore in front of their eyes. ! The beach was fairly crowded with Mexican tourists. My friend rushes to me with a wrap to put on. I say …I am done! Going home now. I have no hair!!! She calms me down and after another hour or so sipping cocktails I am getting over it. We ask for our bill. Just then a young boy approaches holding something….at least it did not look like anything. A tangled mess of sand, ocean detritus etc. He says to  me…hey lady…your  peluca ??? What? We had noticed a bunch of kids diving persistently in front us while we drank. They were all trying to find my hair! Wow LOL.  They did…at least  this young lad did. He asked for 200 pesos for its return. It was a 400  dollar wig…no brainer, I pay the boy. 

Well , we take it back home…wash it out clean it all up and I still wear it today. That was 4 or 5 years ago. Oh, I also only wear the ratty wigs to the playa now!! Or none at all! 

I have many more funny situations re this topic, but this enough for now. I am always here to provide a “never to forget”  moment for all of our Vallarta visitors!!! Cheers!




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