Fran’s Scene Nov 30 2018 My boobs are involved!

fran's scene satire

I am an older trans woman. 62 years old now. I feel much younger. I am very boob proud. I know nobody has noticed this…hee hee. The column art work is a selfie …painted by myself. When you feel fabulous…you are fabulous I say. And boobs are involved. 

When I moved here I was a crossdresser I guess would be the term. I dressed as suited and wore a bra with pockets to accommodate silicone breasts designed for breast cancer  survivors. The weight of them on my chest was exhilarating! The shape when I looked down was magic for me. Boobs!!! 

I was ok with that status quo until one hot steamy May night here in town.2012 New comer here still.  I was treated to a night on the town with several prominent new male friends. We went to all the hot spots and bars. I felt so special in my fabulous new black dress…short of course…and 6 inch heels being looked after by these wonderful men. I tried so hard to be classy. Ok…not everything goes to plan…right? 

Oh….yes I did mention it was hot and steamy. We close the night out at a popular late nightclub here. It was packed with patrons. Hotter and steamier! I met a couple of our local fabulous gals like me and performers. My friends were at the bar just watching it all and enjoying their beers. I was asked by a couple of the ladies to join them on the dance floor and show the boys how it is done. I’m in! Up I go and am in the throes of working my moves…when all of a sudden…my left tit….flies out of my bra and bounces across the dance floor like a super ball! Can we say freak out? Yes! There I am frantically wandering… err more like scrambling between countless dancing legs chasing said tit. In stilettos and sweating bullets. Now it is funny…that night? Terror and humiliation! I finally got a hold of said escapee….and bolted for the bano to fix myself. On the way by I see my new friends all peeing themselves in laughter. Thanks guys! LoL I get to the bano door and realized I had no pesos to pay the Bano lady. I have to skulk back for my purse flat on one side , holding a boob in one hand…and everyone looking at me. Fine bitches! I can win this!  

I did my necessary repairs. And confidently strutted back to the bar where my escorts were…still chuckling …of course…who can blame them…I would too! I ordered another beer and stated…I am done…I am buying tits! Real ones!  Ones that I do not have chase all over a crowded dance floor on a hot sweaty May night. Month or so later…got em!  Guadalajara! Picked them out of a catalogue…just like ordering a new car. Amazing really! The best thing I ever did for myself! I love them. I show them off shamelessly! I did not buy them to hide them. I felt closer to being a real Francine having them.

That night was a major turning point for me…turning as in no turning back now honey! Francine is now real and forever! With fabulous boobs!



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