Puerto Vallarta Gyms And Sports Areas Allowed to Reopen

Puerto Vallarta Gyms And Sports Areas Allowed to Reopen. The state of Jalisco has reversed the earlier closing of gyms and sports centers from the recently announced restrictions. All gyms and sports centers were required to close January 16, 2021 and would have remained closed until February 12, 2021. Enrique Alfaro Ramírez and the Jalisco Board of Health raised the need to open access to safe places for physical activity taking into account the importance that correct nutrition, exercise and strengthening of the body have for mental health. Effective February 2, 2021 the following activities will be allowed to reopen at 50% capacity respecting all hygiene and prevention measures for COVID-19

Parks,  Urban forests, Sports units, Sports clubs, for use of the facilities for physical activity, Swimming academies
Sports courts (without the sale of alcoholic beverages)
State Protected Natural Areas The El Salado estuary in Puerto Vallarta remains closed.

Additional information that led to this decision. The COVID-19 pandemic in Jalisco is still at a critical point and urge officials everyone to continue

  • the proper use of face masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing with water and soap
  • you should also try to maintain a good long-term state of health so experts recommend eating healthy (a balanced diet, including fresh foods, avoiding foods high in calories, fat and sugar);
  • drink enough natural water and engage in regular physical activity;
  • as well as recreational activities in safe places.

The Health Board also considered that as the cold weather ends in Jalisco the practice of exercise can contribute to strengthening people’s health as long as no crowds are generated that put them at risk of contagion

See the Official statement from the Jalisco government here 






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