What are the benefits of IV therapy?

Surely you already know that Intravenous or IV therapy works by directly introducing liquid substances to mostly enhance rehydration, administration of drugs, or nutrition into the intravenous lines, up until this point you can see that IV Therapy is a versatile procedure; however, there are many advantages that you need to know to understand the real benefits.
Here are the advantages of Using IV Therapies

Proven nutrient absorption
Vitamins and minerals tend to be prescribed through tablets or syrups, in some cases by shots, in the case of intravenous therapies they are supplied directly to your bloodstream, making the minerals and vitamins have an effectiveness of almost 100% once in your blood. This advantage is why they tend to be much more time-cost effective since when consuming tablets it can take your body several days or weeks to obtain the same result as an IV therapy session.

No side effects
Have you ever thought about what would happen if you took too many C vitamin tablets or any other vitamin? Well, some of them may have medical contraindications and application time limits, vitamins and minerals in tablets and through other means of application such as the aforementioned vitamin C or Magnesium can have side effects if ingested in high oral doses. On the other hand, intravenous therapy does not suffer from these contraindications due to its direct nature and rapid absorption by your system, making side effects non-existent and the level of safety of intravenous therapies much higher.

Clear Benefits of Using Intravenous Therapy
If you are looking for benefits you will find information on different results and procedures carried out with IV therapy, here are some clear examples of conditions that can be minimized through IV therapy:
● Improving athletic performance and shortening recovery time: Some high-performance sports such as triathlons, marathons, or MMA require quite extensive training and by default dehydration. Various of our therapies are designed to energize and revitalize you through electrolytes, antioxidants, and minerals for a speedy recovery.
At Reviv we created an IV Therapy that goes by the name of Hydromax with these benefits in mind we offer recovery, electrolytes, and getting rid of The Lactic Acid out of your system this IV Theory is called Hydromax and it will surely help you revive.

● Strengthens the immune system to prevent diseases: one of the lesser-known functions of IV therapies but one of the most efficient is the reinforcement with vitamins and minerals of your immune system. To protect you and your family you can consider the treatment of vitamins and minerals with the absorption of almost 100% granted by IV Methods.
We can help you strengthen your immune system with our Megaboost IV method. We designed the Megaboost method to help you maintain good health and wellness with a cocktail of minerals, antioxidants, and a mix of vitamins.
● Increase energy levels: We return to vitamins and minerals but with a focus on increasing energy. Imagine an energy drink without all the sugar and chemicals. You will never know the effects. This is what IV therapy does for you by mixing different solutions. Feeling jet lagged or overall down on energy you can get the Megaboost IV Therapy, and by default strengthen your immune system. You are recovering and getting stronger for a good season.
● Stress Relief: A cocktail of vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream can make you feel much calmer and de-stress in ways you can’t imagine.
To maximize your wellness we created the perfect mix between our Megaboost and two other Intravenous therapies to bring you a full detox and a relieving feeling that will take your stress levels down almost instantly.

A great option to get IV Therapy
We’ve been working in the City of Puerto Vallarta Mexico for almost 4 years, at Reviv Med Spa we deliver the IV therapies service to take the life of our customers to new highs and make them recover from illness and intense partying among other situations. We have many different services that you can get, some examples are IV Therapies are the royal flush for stress relief, Megaboost for energy and immune system strengthening, and Hydromax. These are 3 of the varieties we offer and there are many more. Our reputation supports us as we have served over 300 happy customers and their families that keep returning year after year. Don’t doubt contacting us to test the results of Intravenous Therapy for yourself.  We are considered of the best clinics with a trained staff. You can Find us in Av. Francisco Villa 1010 in the Shopping Center Parota Centre just across from Costco and the Library of Los Mangos, our phone number is 322-596-0195.



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