Mexican Culture Events and Food Festivals In Puerto Vallarta

puerto vallarta food festivals
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Mexican Culture Events and Food Festivals In Puerto Vallarta. Mexico is rich in culture and heritage. This produces  rich cultural events and colorful ceremonies. Here is the GAYPV gay guide to Puerto Vallarta Cultural events calendar and Food Festival schedules.
May is a month filled with culture and culinary events. Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week food festival takes place every year from May 15 to June 10. During these two weeks, the participating restaurants offer innovative three-course menus, with three options available for each course to delight both residents and visitors alike seeking to explore our destination’s outstanding cuisine at a reduced price.  
At the end of October into early November, Puerto Vallarta celebrates “Day of the Dead” It is a week-long celebration with art shows, parades, and dances along with other festivities where Art, religion, life, death, sadness, and humor all come together. It is topped off with “La Caravana de la Muerte” Parade at the end of the week followed by a big party and fireworks. Everywhere you look throughout the week you will find bright colours and flowers. The Malecon, the Plaza des Armas and the areas surrounding are all brightly decorated with the Dia de Los Muertos altars from different organizations, restaurants, hotels and community groups. 

Festival Gourmet International Puerto Vallarta. In 1995 Thierry Blouet creator and chef of Cafe Des Artiste and Chef Heinz Reize created the idea of ​​promoting and raising the culinary level to competitive international standards, interacting with new methods and creativity from highly qualified chefs in Puerto Vallarta. The idea behind the festival is to strengthen the gastronomy in Puerto Vallarta as an exemplary showcase and promoting the destination through the excellence of good food.  The first Gourmet Festival was held in 1995 with the participation of six hotels and six independent restaurants. The original format remains unchanged: each participating restaurant invites a celebrity from the culinary art scene. In the year two thousand, our chef friend Roland Menetrey was integrated and since then the organization is led by the three musketeers. 

 The Christmas spirit in December abounds as friends and families gather throughout the holiday season, cheerfully wishing each other the best and celebrating the simple things in life. During the weeks leading up to Christmas, Mexicans are known to attend a variety of posadas, christmas parties, in which they share in the magic of the season while celebrating with loved ones. There is also the Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the beginning of the month, where masses of “Vallartenses” parade through the center of town in an elaborate display that shows off their religious devotion and vibrant Mexican culture. These parades, which take place on the first 12 nights of December, create a magical scene for visitors who are welcomed by the crowds and invited to participate in one of Vallarta’s largest events of the year. 



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