Mexico promoting its Culinary scene

federal goverment promotes mexico culinary scene

The Mexican federal government will continue to support the international promotion of Mexican gastronomy, especially through traditional cooks as living treasures of the country’s gastronomic heritage and its role as a factor of social cohesion, transmitting values and knowledge to new generations, he said. Undersecretary of Quality and Regulation of the SECTUR, Salvador Sánchez Estrada. Leading the presentation of the program of the “VI World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy Long live Mexican cuisine in North America!” That will be held for the first time outside the country, in Long Beach, California, the Undersecretary of the SECTUR, said that “this This event promotes the approach with the community of Mexicans abroad, making an exchange of experiences that allows us to develop and enhance the gastronomic offer of our country “.

Sánchez Estrada commented: “These efforts are part of the objectives of the National Gastronomy Promotion Policy, in addition to representing a business generating platform that integrates the productive sectors of the value chain and shows the pride of traditional Mexican gastronomy. ”

He recalled that within the framework of this policy, during 2016 and 2017, more than one thousand 100 events and actions were carried out, of them, more than 390 were international, which meant support in all its local and regional expressions, to the empowerment of Mexican gastronomy and the social, cultural and economic growth of this tourism sector in Mexico.

In his speech, Fernando Olivera Rocha, Secretary of Tourism of Guanajuato and president of the Union of Secretaries of Tourism of Mexico (Asetur), highlighted the importance that regional gastronomy has in the tourist activity of the country, as one of its main attractions and of economic income that local and international tourism performs in different destinations.

He pointed out that the traditional cooks of Guanajuato, who will be present at the VI Forum, are part of our regional culinary culture, which has transcended borders and has become an important value of our identity for Mexicans and their descendants, residents of the region. Foreign.

The also president of Asetur, said that the “VI World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy”, will allow to know the integration of new culinary ingredients used by the descendants of Mexican migrants in the United States and that enrich the traditional Mexican food on that side of the border.

For her part, Gloria López Morales, president of the Conservatory of Mexican Gastronomic Culture, said that “the message to the Mexican community is to tell them that Mexico’s gastronomic heritage is one, with its more traditional and more contemporary manifestations of Mexican cuisine. and that it is registered as a World Heritage Site in UNESCO, and that therefore, it is up to us without looking at borders, much less accepting walls of any kind, considering it as one and indivisible “.

“We all have to rescue it, safeguard it and protect it for ourselves and for future generations, for all that it means for our country to develop this productive chain of tourism in Mexico”

The “VI World Forum of Mexican Gastronomy”, which will be held from August 16 to 19 in Long Beach, California, aims to promote the development of our cuisine abroad by promoting the entire value supply chain, which transcends our borders and enhances the work of our countrymen, who day by day contribute to the economic growth of the United States.

It should be noted that according to data from the National Restaurant Association (NRA) in the United States of America there are about 60 thousand restaurants serving Mexican food, which shows the rise of our cuisine in that country and the requirement that it has of inputs national

This Forum calls each year to different states, and for this edition it has the presence of the kitchens of Guanajuato, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Michoacán and Zacatecas, which have a great culinary tradition; which will enrich the experience of the attendees in its wide variety of dishes, aromas, colors and culinary traditions.

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