Tony Moran and Jason Walker Are Together Again in “I’m in Love With You”

tony moran ft jason walker

Tony Moran and Jason Walker Are Together Again in “I’m in Love With You”

The Dynamic Duo of the Dancefloor Prove Third Time Is The Charm 
in the Effervescent Follow-Up To Their #1 Billboard Smashes, 
“So Happy” and “Say Yes” 
Two-time Grammy nominated dance producer Tony Moran and Out Music Award winner Jason Walker are together again in another euphoric dance anthem, “I’m in Love with You.” It is the third song from the power house duo whose previous tracks, “So Happy” and “Say Yes,” both climbed to the #1 position on the Billboard club charts.  Written by Tony Moran, Ryan Shaw and Mike Greenly and produced by Tony Moran, “I’m in Love with You” features another awe-inspiring vocal performance by Walker.  Along with the single, Mr. Tanman Music is releasing a superstar collection of remixes and a captivating, artist-inspired music video by Karl Giant. “I’m in Love with You” is available now on iTunes.
“There’s so much turmoil in the world right now, the dance floor needs a song like ‘I’m in Love with You,’”  says Jason Walker from his New York home.  “It’s a positive number with a great beat to lift spirits up.”
“We live in a complicated time,” agrees the song’s lyricist, Mike Greenly.  “Bad things can and do happen… but the song’s message makes it loud and clear that regardless of all the upheaval, we can still celebrate the friends and family that brighten our daily lives.”
“‘I’m in Love with You’ is meant to be a bold declaration of the love we hold in our hearts for those who matter most to us,” says Tony.  “It’s also a reminder that — yes, people! —message counts.  It’s important to tell those closest to us how much they mean.”
tony moran ft jason walkerIn music, sound counts too and according to Tony, he, Mike and Ryan designed the music to be a backdrop for the real star: Jason and his amazing voice.  “The song starts with a steady continuum that reflects a steadfast love.  It then breaks out into a joyous enthusiasm that embraces today’s electronic music and provides a platform for Jason to really let loose,” Tony explains.
“Part of what I find so special about Jason is the phenomenal way he conveys that he’s actually  feeling my words as he sings them.  That’s tremendously important to me as a lyricist,” adds Greenly.  “Also the way he so confidently delivers them, daring to do things with his voice that many artists wouldn’t and couldn’t.  But Jason pulls it off!”
Jason says it’s easy for him to express the passion in the songs because he lives it every day.  “I’ve been lucky to experience intense love, both in my personal and business lives.  I’m most fervent about my music.”
Jason Walker grew up in Pittsburgh, singing in church choirs and then in local R&B and Blues bands. He first shined on the national spotlight with a winning performance on TV’s It’s Showtime at the Apollo.
Following his TV debut, he recorded two albums, “This Is My Life” and “Flexible” with dance music icon, Junior Vasquez.  Together they garnered three Top 10 Billboard hits (“My Life,” “No More,” and “Movin’ On”) and two Billboard #1s: “Foolish Mind Games” and “Set It Free”.  Jason Walker and Tony Moran first met through Junior Vasquez when Vasquez commissioned Moran to remix “Set It Free.”
Jason Walker would go on to receive 2 IDMA (International Dance Music Award) nominations, including one for Best Breakthrough Dance Artist.
In 2010, he released his third full-length album “Leave It All Behind,” independently, landing his seventh Top 20 Billboard Dance hit. His eighth release, “Raise Your Hands,” climbed to #17 on the Billboard charts. He followed with “Beat Don’t Stop” (a song that peaked at #5 on Billboard), and “Tell It To My Heart” (an explosive re-imagining of Taylor Dayne’s pop classic, produced by Bimbo Jones, that hit #10 on Billboard.)
In 2016, Jason Walker and Tony Moran began making beautiful music together, releasing “So Happy” and “Say Yes” in 2017 — Walker’s third and fourth Billboard #1s.
To support the release of their next collaboration, “I’m in Love with You,” Mr. Tanman Music has commissioned remixes from some of the top names in dance music, including Rosabel, Moto Blanco, Sted E and Hybrid Heights, Mike Cruz, Tony Smith (“Tony’s Soulbeats”), Tommer Mizrahi, Strobe, Dinaire and Bissen, Boris and more.
Moran and Walker also re-enlisted videographer, Karl Giant, the director of the “So Happy” and “Say Yes” music videos.  Giant, in turn, brought in artist, Randy Polumbo, whose work has been exhibited at the Bass Museum in Miami, Art Basel Miami Beach, Burning Man and Coachella, to create a visual work of art for “I’m in Love with You.”
The video was primarily shot in Polumbo’s 4,000-square-foot warehouse studio. The other location was the “The RINK” at Brookfield Place in NYC. Olympians Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov choreographed “I’m in Love with You” for the ice.  The video features figure skater Jeremy Abbott, a four-time US national champion and Olympic bronze medalist.

“The set was like a playground with art everywhere, an elevated RV, blow torches, an ice rink… It was simply magical,” recalls Jason.  He says he is thrilled with the end result, calling it a masterpiece of motion and color.  “I could write a book about my love for Karl, Tony, Mike, Ryan and everyone who helped bring ‘I’m in Love with You’ to life,” he says.

“There is truly no one else like this team we have assembled and I’m in love with them all.  They believe in me and I most certainly believe in them.”

“I’m in Love with You” and all of its remixes are available on iTunes.  Visit http://www.  Follow Jason Walker on Facebook @ jasonwalkermusic, Instagram @ thejasonwalker, and Twitter @ divajasonwalker.



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