Apaches Martini Bar statement on re-opening

apaches martini bar

Apaches Martini Bar statement on re-opening. Apaches Martini Bar in Puerto Vallarta has issued the following statement on re-opening after the Corona virus pandemic. There are other Puerto Vallarta restaurant/bars who are also in process to comply with the necessary protocols to reopen (Chachalacabar.)

“We are excited to announce that this week we have been given the green light to re-open with strict protocols which you all are well aware of. This also includes the mandatory restriction that food must be purchased in order to consume adult beverages. In essence we will be operating as a “restaurant/bar” with the ability to offer a wide variety of food choices from our neighbouring restaurants. At this time it is MANDATORY that you consume a meal in order to join us at Apaches as we will be operating as a restaurant/bar, not just a bar.

Having said that, with the current climate of cases rising and more tourists entering our city, we are choosing to wait until we are certain and comfortable that it is safe to open as your health and the health of our team is priority. We are assessing this and will hopefully be open within the next few weeks if it continues to be safe to do so. We again thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to gathering with you again very soon under a “new normal”.

We will let you know as soon as we have decided on a date to reopen and look forward to seeing you all at Apaches! As well please remain patient and kind with all as we navigate these uncharted waters together.”

Ricardo, Geoff, Abraham, Javier & Andy

Estamos entusiasmados de anunciar que esta semana ya nos dieron luz verde para reabrir nustras puertas siguiendo los estrictos protocolos de los cuales ya todos sabemos, esto incluye el consumo obligatorio de alimentos para poder consumir bebidas alcoholicas. Basicamente estaremos operando como restaurante con la habilidad de ofrecerles la gran variedad de los restaurantes vecinos para que puedan consumir alimentos y puedan unirse a nosotros mientras operamos como restaurante bar y no solo como bar.

Con la situacion actual del incremento de casos y los turistas llegando a nuestra ciudad, hemos decidido esperar un poco para estar seguros que es apropiado abrir ya que su salud y la de nuestro equipo es nuestra prioridad.
Seguimos evaluando la situacion y esperamos proximamente sigan las cosas por buen camino y podamos reabrir.

Una vez mas muchas gracias por todo su apoyo y ansiamos poder estar junto muy pronto en un ambiente de “la nueva normalidad”

En unos dias mas estaremos avisando la fecha de reapertura y esperamos verlos a todos en Apaches.

Ricardo, Geoff, Abraham, Javier y Andy.

Note from the Editor. GAYPV promotes that everyone follow the safety and safe distance protocols issued by Health officals at all times.



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