Reglamentos Clarify Gay Bars Puerto Vallarta Reopening

puerto vallarta gay bar

The Puerto Vallarta Reglamentos Clarify Gay Bars Puerto Vallarta Reopening on August 6, 2o20. So far about 20 Puerto Vallarta bars reopened August 6, 2020 without requiring the purchase of food. This is not a generalized opening of all bars, but a gradual one as each bar must be verified according to the risk matrix system the state government published a few weeks. Also they make their corresponding registration in the Comprehensive System for Economic Reactivation (SIRA) of the State Government and once they do this process, their letter of commitment will have to be validated and later make an appointment with the Directorate of Inspection and Regulations to schedule a verification inspection. If they meet the required score in the risk matrix, they will be allowed to reopen. If they do not comply, they would have to remain closed or working only as a restaurant as they have been allowed to function.

He clarified that the bar capacity is not reduced to 50%, if they have enough space that they can respect the 1.5 meters of distance between table and table, they will be able to increase their capacity a little more but as long as it is a safe distance.

Live music will still not be allowed in the bars or any after hours permit extensions.  An announcement could be made August 10, 2020 to consider extending the bar hours or discuss live entertainment. 

He emphasized this reopening of bars is not a general re-opening, but partially since the municipal authority will be verifying each bar on a case inspection basis, while dance clubs still will not be able to open but possibly in 15 days. 

Here are some of the Puerto Vallarta gay bars reopening under the new change. 

See the spanish source article here



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