Puerto Vallarta Gay Bars Reopen Without Food Puchases Until 2AM

puerto vallarta gay bar

Puerto Vallarta Gay bars (not necessarily only gay Bars in Puerto Vallarta) are re-opening in different areas of the city, such as Centro and Zona Romántica starting August 6, 2020 without the requirement to purchase food. They can stay open until 2am and still need to maintain all safety protocols. If they maintain good discipline in the next few days they could be allowed to stay open until 3 am. All bars must have infrared thermometers to check customers temperatures, sanitizing mats and antibacterial gel. Dance Clubs may be open within the next 15 days. 

  • All the safety social distancing requirements, use of masks, sanitizing mats and antibacterial gel ARE STILL in place. 
  • The bars are allowed to open until 2 AM. 
  • There is not a requirement to purchase food. The bars will not be operating as a restaurant under this rule change but some are choosing to keep the food for the immediate future. 
  • The 90 min time limit and 3 drink limit is apparently also lifted. Confirm this policy with the individual bar you enter.  
  • Dance Floors and Dance Clubs and Live Entertainment are still closed until further notice.

Here is one Spanish article source .

GAYPV contacted the following gay bars to confirm this information and these are the new bar hours.

Bar Fridas Reopens August 24, 2020

La  Chachalacabar Starting August 16, 2020 new hours are Daily 2pm-12am Happy Hour 4-6p

Apaches Martini Bar will re-open Monday August 10, 2020. Two great Happy Hours! Noon – 2pm & 5:00-7pm

Blondies PV  

La Noche Bar open from 8pm until 2 am. Food will still be available from CC Bites for the immediate future.

Anonimo opening from 3pm-1:30 am. Optional food is still available until 10 pm. 

Garbo Bar plans to reopen August 8, 2020

Mr Flamingo and La Margarita both open from 2 pm to 2 am. Food is still available for purchase for the immediate future. 

Per CC Slaughters, their Martini bar side is open 8/6/20 until 2am without requiring the purchase of food.  Food will still be available for purchase from CC Bites. 

Paco’s Ranch open from 8pm until 2 am 




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