the palm cabaret and barHere is The Palm Cabaret and Bar COVID-19 2020 Season Upgrades. We all need to know what, exactly, is being done to protect our health everywhere we go these days. Here at The Palm, we are taking every precaution humanly possible to ensure the well being of our audience, performers and staff. For us, scrupulously following the usual protocols is just the beginning!!! Safety first entertainment always. 

* We have invested in a new, fresh-air-only air-conditioning system providing multiple ventilation routes.

* Our roof now partially retracts, further magnifying the continuous circulation of fresh air.

* A UV lighting system has been installed to disinfect the showroom daily.

* All chairs have been recovered in a material conducive to sterilization immediately after EVERY show.

* There are no intermissions, shows one hour in length to allow for thorough cleaning between them.

* A plexiglass shield helps protect you when seated.

* Group seating is limited to four for your safety, with two meters between each one and at least three meters from the stage.

* There are no intermissions, shows one hour in length to allow the time for re-sterilization.

* Drink orders are taken upon arrival, your second drink appearing half way through the performance.