Hotel Piñata Puerto Vallarta hosting JockStrap Parties by JustFor.Fans

Justforfans pinata pv party

GayPV interview with Dominic Ford owner of JustFor.Fans. He with Hotel Piñata Puerto Vallarta are hosting BlackOut JockStrap Parties by JustFor.Fans for the first time in Puerto Vallarta.

Hi Dominic, It is a pleasure to speak with you at GAYPV. We understand JustForFans is hosting NYE parties at Piñata PV Gay Hotel in Puerto Vallarta New Year’s Eve 2020. This is the first Just for Fans Party in Mexico called the Men Only BlackOut JockStrap Parties by JustFor.Fans at Pinata PV Hotel. The dates are December 27, 28, and 29th from 8pm until midnight at Pinata PV Gay Hotel. 


Please tell us all about the concept, purpose, dress code and what to expect at these parties?

We are partnering with Piñata PV Hotel as the main destination for tourists and locals alike to stop by after dinner to get their drinking started, jump in a pool, meet men, mingle a bit, and get some great JFF merch before heading to the clubs for the night. The dress code is No Shirts and encouraged JockStrap, ShortShorts or Nothing At All! You should expect to meet like minded men only from all over the world mixed with sexy locals, some popular JFF models will be on-hand to chat, flirt, and showcase what they are known for .. all surrounded by the fun, festive atmosphere that Piñata PV is known for. 

Why did you choose Pinata PV to host these events in Puerto Vallarta

Pinata PV Gay Hotel has an excellent reputation among traveling men for gay vacations, fun parties, trusted service and located between the gay beach and gay nightlife.  It has a unique edgy Mexican style vibe targeting like minded men and boys. This is our exact Just for Fans audience so this was a perfect match for us. We asked around where would be a great place to host a series of parties. Everyone said Piñata was where everyone gathers before going out at night, and it sounds just right for our brand. 

Will there be other JustFor.Fans models in Puerto Vallarta NYE 2020?

There will be a number of models in PV at the event. This will be announced very soon so stay tuned to GAYPV.  We are bringing a ton of JFF merchandise to give out. So be sure to come to any of the four parties we are doing, meet me (Dominic) and get some swag!

Are you doing JustFor.Fans parties in other locations? What has the response been? 

We do 20-25 JFF parties a month around the world. Right now, we have weekly or monthly parties in: San Diego, LA, Berlin, Manchester (UK), London, Florida, Las Vegas and more. They are always so much fun, and the reception is great. People love to meet JFF models and maybe even get a chance to film with them. This is the first Just for Fans Party in Mexico NYE 2020. Puerto Vallarta is one of the popular Gay Travel Destinations for Men so it follows that Puerto Vallarta was chosen to host the event. 

Have you vacationed in Mexico, or Puerto Vallarta before? If so, tell us what you think about Mexico and/or Puerto Vallarta as a gay travel destination? I am sure you have porn star friends who have been here? 

I have vacationed in Cabo San Lucas and Mexico City as their own destinations. On cruise ships I have been to most/all of the ports. I always have an AMAZING time in Mexico, and I have fallen in love each time I’ve visited. But I keep hearing about PV and I have never been! I cannot wait! The men in Mexico are sexy and passionate. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to being reminded just how passionate they are.

Tell us about how Mexico compares to other gay destinations in terms of Justfor.Fans users and models. 

We have a TON of Mexican JFF models. I actually thought about having a JFF party for them in Mexico City this year. Until I realized that almost none of them speak English (and I don’t speak Spanish). So my big party would consist of me waving awkwardly to them and smiling. But some of our hottest models are in Mexico. I am going through my list now to see who lives in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta so they are aware of the party.

What are you hearing about Puerto Vallarta from your friends?

I spend my summers on Fire Island, and run into porn stars all the time — or I bring them out to work with me. I hung out with Michael Lucas a lot this summer, and he kept telling me about PV and how amazing it is. (He bought a house there, and I have seen EVERY photo of the renovation!). 

Then Andrew Christian came out to Fire Island for the week. We hang out a lot too. And guess what he couldn’t stop talking about? How amazing PV is. I didn’t have any plans for New Year, so Andrew told me to pack my bags and come to PV. So between Andrew and Michael hitting me over the head all summer with PV, it was clearly my destiny to visit. And they each made bets on how long before I bought a house in Puerto Vallarta also.

In case anyone does not know, you are the founder of JustFor.Fans site. What is new with it, features, things coming?

Yes, I have been in the porn industry for 11 years, and is 1.5 years old. We launch new features all the time. This week we became the only platform to take piracy seriously. Now we can track who uploaded illegal versions of our content to other sites. It’s very exciting. The laundry list of new features is crazy. We are the most advanced platform there is.

Tell us what a typical day is like for you now?  Are you more or less involved in porn producing than you like due to the huge success of JustFor.Fans? 

I am not producing much for these days. Building and growing JFF is more than a full-time job. I still film here and there, but mostly with other JFF who want to film with me.

Would you like to discuss the LGBT charity you are working with? 

One of the huge projects we launched this year was the Charitable Giving project. We work with a number of charities, and our models can elect to give a % of their income directly to charity. As of this writing, we have raised around $7000 for charity. JFF is a community, and part of being a community is giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. I am so proud of our models for giving some of their income away to charity. A full list of our charities can be found at

We’ve seen too many sad deaths of many of our famous gay porn stars who couldn’t deal with the pressure of short-lived fame in a very volatile industry. How do you deal with this pressure?

It has been a difficult year, as we lost many people. This year was harder for me, because I knew more of them, and they were all great people. I wish that drugs weren’t part of gay culture. It’s part of porn culture, but no more (I don’t think) than it is just part of gay party culture. And I don’t know how to stop it. One of the charities we support is called Pineapple Support. They are a support network of therapists and work specifically with the Sex Workers industry. Anyone needing support should reach out to them: The more we talk openly about our issues, the less likely someone will hide them from us until it’s too late.


For more information on Pinata PV Gay Hotel visit their website or follow them on twitter at @Pinata_PV. See JustFor.Fans at



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