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GAYPV: Hello Cazwell, we are very honored to be able to talk to you for GayPV Magazine Puerto VallartaHave you ever visited Puerto Vallarta or Mexico before? If so, when and where?

I have never visited Puerto Vallarta but I did play on Halloween in Mexico City 2016.

We know that you like so much the legendary Russian Turkish Baths in New York City. Do you like go to saunas in cities you visit?
I don’t think I ever have been to saunas  or bath houses in other cities. I mostly go when I’m detoxing or want to hang out with a friend. I know…boring LOL 

We remember that your single and music video Ice Cream Truck was a media phenomenon specially with the gay community. What do you think was the main factor that provoked that reaction from public?
Ultimately, ice cream truck was the first of its kind. Even on the Internet at that time we weren’t used to seeing men being objectified in music videos but to me it was second nature. Me and the director just grabbed a bunch of our friends and boys that dance at our parties and threw them in front of the camera with some ice cream. Also, the boys were really hot but I always said that what separated  he boys is that they actually smiled on camera which if you think about it, doesn’t usually happen.

Tell us about Cazwell the musician…How did you get started in the industry?
I used to be in a gay rap group called Morplay. I went solo 10 years ago, got signed to Peacebisquit records and the rest is history. 

Would you/Have you done any gay porn movies?  If you were a gay porn producer what scene would you create?
If I wanted to do porn I wouldn’t let my music career get in the way LOL. If I could make any porn I would clone Duane The Rock Johnson times 30 and watch them gang bang Alejandro Casti. Definitely a major cream pie scene at the end.

You are a very sexual man and with those sexy men on your videos and live performances… who are they and how do you know them?
I am a sexual man but I don’t fuck with the staff. LOL at the time I shot ice cream truck I had a serious boyfriend he is actually in the video with the “Cazwell” tattoo at the end. I’m single now but I’m pretty particular.

Are you in a relationship and your thoughts on gay dating and relationships. Everyone is wanting you to talk about your sex life. What can you tell us about it.

I am not dealing with any guys right now. I’m not into calling anyone my boyfriend until I think It can last a really really long time. Sometimes I have sex a lot and sometimes I don’t have sex for a couple weeks. I prefer to find someone that I have some good chemistry with. The worst is when you finish fuc&&&g  and you’re waiting for this annoying guy to leave that only talks about his $500 Prada loafers. I like guys to have great sex with, smoke some weed with me and watch Game of Thrones with as long as they translate whats goin on. Game OF Thrones is kinda hard to follow. lol 

Tell us the real inspiration behind Hard 2 B Fresh. Do you consider this album your best work until now? What else can you say about the creation of this excellent album?

Hard to be fresh is the best album of all time :). Of course it’s my best work but I got better coming. I’ve been so focused on the new tracks lately but I will say that it was important to me to make an album with no filler and I felt every song was strong. Hard 2 B Fresh is a good trip of an album. 

What about your tours? Are you full-time dedicated to your music/shows or do you have any other occupation in NYC?
I moved to Los Angeles a year ago. I have a few DJ residencies is here but yeah I try to tour mostly on the weekends. I plan to be touring after I drop my EP with Peppermint from RUPAULs drag race. 

Your most recent music video/single Loose Wrists, does it belong to a new upcoming album, or are you more now into releasing singles instead of full-albums?
I’m going to drop an album this February and yes, Loose Wrists will be on it. I definitely am pretty much a single based artist and I try to drop a new video every four or five months but then they always find a home on an album. Loose wrists is in a lot of ways and update on being gay in the USA. It is a big fuck you to Trump I obviously took the “make America great again” slogan and ran with it. I also wanted to touch on other days issues like cat fishing on grinder LOL

Of all your work, which music video do you consider the best of your career?
I would say that Get My Money Back might be my favorite just because it took a lot of hard work and I sewed call of those monkey costumes myself by hand. Videos such as All of your face, I seen Beyoncé at Burgerking, and ice cream truck we’re definitely game changers in my career too.


What is coming for Cazwell’s music career?
In the near future I am making a lot more music videos. I have an EP coming out with Peppermint in the fall with a bunch of videos I’m really excited about and a new album in February.


Thanks so much Cazwell for have a conversation with GayPV Magazine. Do you have any more words for your Mexican fans? You guys are the sexiest men in the world!! Stay safe!! I hope to see you soon!



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