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kasha davis act 2 entertainment
How did Darienne and Kasha meet…are you really Bossom Buddies? Couldn’t either of you
find anyone better? Tell us about you 2 performing together. Darienne is correct we met at Mother’s where I used to essentially spend so much money on Gin I held the mortgage. Lake blew me away with her performances and her oral skills. ON THE MICROPHONE dirty birds. Currently we spend hours and hours together talking about
Drag Race, Drag in general and what we are having for brunch. Darriene spend a ton of time in
our pool this summer. She jokes that she has a “splashless cannon ball” except she’s un aware
that every time she jumps in the toilets in the neighborhood overflow.
1.You share the same drag mother (Naomi Kane) as Darienne so that makes you two sisters..or half sisters. What is is like being Darienne’s sister? Darienne, Darienne, Darienne it’s always Darienne. She makes my grocery bill higher. MY drag mother is Naomi Kane she affectionately reminded me that I was “not a real woman…YOU’RE A DRAAAAG QUEEN”!! Esentially she meant I looked like a linebacker in their grandmothers dress but I digest.
2. What if your current relationship with Kandy Ho and Bianca Del Rio? I speak to Kandy when I see her and then before you know it she’s sends for an uber to pick me up or seats me at another table. Always eliminating me. Bianca is my favorite RPDR winner and my second favorite queen to ever appear on the race. Number one is Delta work she’s fucking hysterical, talented and a gem of a person. I adore her facebook posts and rants and raves about sub par drive thru services. Bianca is a star and she has maintained the humility and the ability to stay grounded. She gives direct and helpful advice and she has a heart of gold. She still owes me $5.00 that she borrowed from me in New
Orleans but I mean hey times are tough for her I get it.
3. What did Violet Chachki (Season 7 winner) have that you didn’t. What would you have done over again? A waist. Season 7 in general was horrible for everyone even though we have some of the MOST successful queens ever from that season. It was a crappy season and a tough season to follow. They changed how things were being filmed and done from the promo pics to untucked and let’s face it I scratch and claw to remind people I was a part of the competition. I truly loved how I looked (starved and no high definition THANK GOD poor season 9) and I made a nice appearance that I have been able to build upon. I believe the experience changed my life for the better so I wouldn’t change a thing. I will show you what I do better and different in the next season of All Stars.
4. Is this your first time visiting/performing in Mexico, specifically Puerto Vallarta…what are you expectations about Puerto Vallarta.. Thanks to my sister Delighted Tobehere I mad the right connections and brought my probation officer and bestie Darienne. I expect hot men, loose women and COCKtails. I have only heard awesome things about the audiences and the Stages Venue and my last experience in Mexico was when I visited with my ex wife and she just couldn’t understand why I liked to go for long walks alone on the beach, after 2 am, in the bushes, with cocoa butter and a blanket.
5. Tell us what to expect from your show in Puerto Vallarta? I would expect to be entertained. I would like for you to take an hour before and get hammered if you drink and attend plastered so that you think we look thin and sound gorgeous. We will also ensure you drink heavily so that you forget you saw the show and come back again and again on your holiday vacation! Otherwise expect to spend an hour with two genuinely excited “gals” from Rochester NY who have had the pleasure and prividedge of traveling the globe telling stories singing songs (collecting TIPS) and making people laugh.



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