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GPV:How did Darienne and Kasha meet…are you really Bossom Buddies?  It’s been so long, I hardly remember. Which is code for, I drink so much, I don’t remember. I think it might have been when Kasha stumbled into Muther’s bar and saw me on stage. We have a mutual friend, Sam, who introduced Kasha to the Rochester gay scene.

GPV:Couldn’t either of you find anyone better? We found better people, but can only take them in small doses. Which is code for, perfect people can’t handle their booze as well as we can.
GPV:Tell us about you 2 performing together. We have worked for so long together that we know how each other processes. We have a symbiosis of sorts and bounce ideas and jokes off each other. We can even finish each other’s… sandwiches. 
Who do you blame the most for sending you home from RPDR Season 6 Episode 12? RuPaul. All in all, it’s her show, and her decision. Nobody could send me home on a lip synch because as a “performance queen”, performing is where I excel. I murdered the last acting challenge, but they had to go with the top 3 that they felt the audience would most connect with.
Tell us about your current relationship with Bianca Del Rio and BenDeLaCreme. Do you have any hard feelings toward either or are you the best of friends now? Bianca, Adore, Courtney, and I are in a group text and we text almost every day. With schedules being so conflicting, it’s nearly impossible to get us all in the same place, but when we do, it’s magic. I’ll be in Hurricane Bianca 2, so I’ll be seeing a lot of Bianca. BenDela and I never really had any “beef” and if there was, I slapped cheese on it, and ate it.
 Can you respond the to those who say your outfits are not up the standards of other drag queens? For the show, you’re allowed to bring 5 suitcases, and any queen that has had to pack for 6 weeks, can tell you that 5 suitcases is not enough. You bring what you have and make the best of what you can do in the limited amount of time. Growing up a fat kid, I never saw anyone I could relate to in fashion magazines, so I never studied them. I would create imaginary worlds and play pretend. Strengthening my abilities to entertain. Since the show, my resources for designers has given me the ability to step up my fashion game. I hope to inspire my young, thick and juicy sisters and brothers into feeling fabulous and fierce. 
Is this your first time visiting/and performing in Mexico, specifically Puerto Vallarta…any preconceptions about it? A couple years ago, I stopped at PV on an Atlantis Cruise. I was well prepared with a list of things to see, do, and eat. I have some hairdressing clients who vacation in PV regularly, so they supplied me with a list. I had such a thrilling time, and have been itching to get back.
Tell us what to expect from your show in Puerto Vallarta…will you be the same bitch you are in RPDR? I only play a bitch on TV, or if my cocktail is weak. Plan on seeing all sides of me in our show. There will definitely be a healthy dose of shade, tons of jokes, and some songs that have inspired me to become the wicked and twisted queen you’ve come to love.
See their new show and first time performing in Puerto Vallarta at Act 2 Entertainment. 



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