Eliad Cohen interview about Gay Puerto Vallarta Mexico

eliad cohen papa party puerto vallarta

eliad cohen interview

Eliad Cohen interview
about gay Puerto Vallarta Mexico to Puerto Vallarta Gay Guide. Hi Eliad thanks for giving us some time..

You were in Puerto Vallarta New Year’s Eve 2018 with Arena PV parties…Was this your first time performing in PV?  Have you vacationed here before?

I’ve been in Mexico many times it’s one of my favorite countries… the nicest people in the world ! It is my first time here in Puerto Vallarta.

What did you think about PV as in international gay destination?

Before I came here I didn’t know much about PV And I was really surprised. It is one of the gayest and most open cities I’ve ever seen!

What restaurants, bars, or clubs did you visit?

I was almost every day at Mantamar, this place is really unique! So much fun to be in the pool or in the jacuzzi with fun music, great cocktails, food, and beautiful people from all over the world.

Would you come back for performing and/or vacation?

I’ll definitely will come back, Maybe in May for the gay pride to organize a party and host the Pride.

We know you have performed in Mexico City also? What do you think about LGBT scene in Mexico?  Is there anywhere else you performed/vacationed in Mexico?

I did many Papa Parties in Mexico: Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Monterrey, Guadalajara….

What do you think about LGBT scene in Vallarta?

I think México is open minded For the Lgbt and keep getting more and more open minded. After my visit to PV, I must say that I’m impressed.

Tell us about Eliad the man. Are you currently in a relationship? What are the the qualities you look for when dating?

* I’m single.

* I like real people that are not afraid to be them self and not trying to be something that they are not… it’s kind of hard to find actually. It’s all about good energy and chemistry.

Where is your favorite city to party and take Papa Party?

* My favorite place in the world for Papa Party is Brazil, the energy there is Insane!

Where is one place you have not visited or taken the Papa Party?

* Cape Town, hopefully next year.



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