Cheyenne Parker from Ex On The Beach Is Ready To Fire Up Puerto Vallarta

Cheyenne Parker from Ex On The Beach

Cheyenne Parker from Ex On The Beach Is Ready To Fire Up Puerto Vallarta.

Hi Cheyenne, thank you so much for speaking to GAYPV. We are excited to hear what has brought you to PV recently and what you will be doing here.

You have visited PV many times. What attracted you to the destination originally?

I have been frequenting Puerto Vallarta for about 12 years now, and each time I come here, I fall more in love. When I was 11 years old, my mother moved us to San Jose Del Cabo for a year. Mexico was always her favorite travel destination, so it’s no wonder I wound up living here. I find the people of Puerto Vallarta, and all of Mexico, to be some of the kindest and warmest human beings I’ve ever encountered. Not only is the laughter and energy here extremely magnetic, but I find Puerto Vallarta itself to be extremely majestic.

“There is something so freeing and cleansing about this place – every time I step foot in the jungle or float in the ocean, I feel as though I’ve been renewed and filled with the energy from the universe.”

There is something spiritual about the land and the water here; I am truly in love.

Tell us why PV is a top gay destination? What do you think is PV’s strengths versus other major gay cities, like Mykonos, Barcelona?

Compared to other travel destinations globally, I find that Mexico provides an excellent level of customer service and luxury options that, unlike Mykonos or Barcelona, won’t break the bank. The concept of my new business here in Vallarta is simply to elevate and create unique experiences that people are not used to encountering anywhere in Mexico. Leisure In Life is a luxury concierge that offers white-glove service at low Mexican prices. Affordable and luxury don’t typically go together, but we have mastered a way to share it with travelers of all budgets.


Tell us how you wound up in Puerto Vallarta this time?

Due to the pandemic, I found myself sequestered here in Mexico and unable to return to my marketing job in Los Angeles. Inspired by the ultra-tight safety measures here in Mexico that I honestly wasn’t seeing back in the US, I decided to make Vallarta my new home and continue on my journey of inner peace and personal growth. After a couple of months down here, I found myself inundated with requests from friends and social media followers for recommendations on what to do in Vallarta. That’s when Leisure in Life was born.

Leisure In Life offers a variety of in-home luxury services from highly trained and educated individuals. This includes Botox, security, private chefs, doctors, and personal trainers, to name a few. If you desire it, we can arrange it. Not only will we staff your yacht or villa with our dedicated team of *masked* luxury liaisons, but we ensure all of our exclusive service providers follow extremely precise safety precautions before coming into contact with you. Even our luxurious transfer vehicles are stocked with extra masks in the event you dropped yours on the plane or forgot to bring one.

Thanks in part to my perfectionistic behavior, I made it the company’s mission to provide travelers with low-cost SAFE luxury services, all the while giving back to the local community and economy here. When it comes to going out, you are advised to wear your mask at all times. While Mexico has begun to open up, we advise our clients to take every extra precaution they can, including pre-departure COVID-19 testing to ensure not only their safety but the safety of others.

Mine and everyone’s favorite excursion is the Jorullo Bridge ATV and ziplining tour. We shuttle your group to and from the jungle in brand new air-conditioned Suburbans, complete with complimentary cocktails or refreshments along the way. From there, the tour staff take absolutely amazing care of guests as they cross the world’s largest suspension bridge, drive into a waterfall lagoon, or fly across a breathtaking ravine on the zipline. There are endless options beyond that, and all of the tours we offer are private to your group and priced exclusively for our clientele. Your travel companions will be the only ones you encounter, aside from our staff and your guides, each of whom follows the same enhanced safety protocols.

My mission here, and in any business, is to give back to the community it directly benefits from. With each group, we set aside a percentage of revenue, extra food, and donated goods to deliver to those less fortunate in Vallarta. We also only employ locals, most of which were out of a job or about to lose their business, guaranteeing them exclusive contracts to help get them back on their feet and keep their families fed.

Cheyenne, we have some lighter questions for everyone to know you better.

Cheyenne parker in puerto vallartaSci-fi or Adventure movies?
It’s really tough to decide between the two. I always love an adventure, but since every day of my life is an adventure, sci-fi is actually my favorite. Prometheus and ex-Machina were watched on repeat during the lockdown, and the entire alien franchise is at the top of my list.

On Romantic night, do you prefer to dine in or take out?
I love dining out. Unfortunately, not many will get to experience fine dining this year. On the bright side, we
discovered a 5-star chef here in Mexico that will prepare a 3-course meal for only $18 per person. So dining IN has become my new favorite thing here!!!

Do you take a Road Trip or Plane Ride?
I couldn’t ever just do one. My favorite thing in life is to hop on a plane to another country, get on the ground, and go explore. But the ultimate for me is by the sea – maybe that’s because I sell yacht excursions for a living now? Ha-ha

Do you have favorite junk food?
Fruit! I don’t like junk food because it always makes me sick. I have a very sensitive stomach, so my go-to for sweets is still some type of berries or any delicious exotic fruits that grow all over here in Mexico.

What is your favorite past time?
Snowboarding, horseback riding, and painting. Growing up, I always found myself at peace the most while atop a mountain or galloping across a field with my favorite animal. Give me a little paint, any type of canvas, and some music, and I’ll stay in the studio for hours on end!

Do you have a favorite musical instrument?
There isn’t one musical instrument I can play, and I can’t sing. When I was younger, I always said if I were to have any superpower, it would be the ability to sing. But to answer your question – anyone that can play the piano and play it well is a rockstar in my book.

We are pleased to announce sexy Cheyenne Parker will be on the November 2020 cover of GAYPV.

Look for that magazine edition online soon. Experience Leisure in Life for youself and reach them via email at: [email protected]  Follow their journey on instagram: @thecheyenneparker / @theleisureinlife

Special thanks to photographer Grant Olson Photography for the photos of Cheyenne and Oscar Soto for the photos of Leisure in Life Business.



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