DJ Chris Stutz spinning Puerto Vallarta Bear Party 2020

DJ Chris Stutz

DJ Chris Stutz

DJ Chris Stutz spinning Party Puerto Vallarta Bear 2020. Chris we are excited to have you spinning for the upcoming Bearaside Festival in Puerto Vallarta Jan 30-Feb 2, 2020. 

Where are you from? I’m from Chile. but I spend half the year in my country and half in Tokyo Japan where I live with my partner.

Have you visited or performed in Puerto Vallarta or in Mexico before? I have been invited several times to work for the people of bearmex in their parties. I have been able to participate in several pride, leather parties and several other parties.

Do you have any other friends who have performed or visited PV? Puerto Vallarta is fascinating and a great tourist destination, several friends have come to spend vacations in Vallarta. 

What are your thoughts about the bear scene here in Mexico, especially Puerto Vallarta? Mexico in general has a long list of bear events that take place during the year and has become a worldwide destination for bears events. 

If someone attending Bearadise has never heard you before, what do you want them to know about you musically? My music is quite energetic and with many vocals. My idea is that people have a good time and sing and dance. 

What other big gay events do you enjoy performing at? I have been a DJ for many years so I have had the pleasure of playing in several pride throughout the world but I would say that my favorite parties are bigger in Sao Paulo Brazil and still the parties that I organized by bearmex. 

What is the perfect music set for you? A perfect being is where everyone has a good time and sees many happy faces. 

The dance floor is always changing musically. What do you do to keep your music fresh and appealing? I like to keep up with everything that is playing on the radio to stay updated with what is currently popular with everyone. 

Can you comment on the trend for less big gay clubs to more non weekly parties and events. Has that changed your music or style? Well I have a style of music that I like but I adapt it to the changing tastes of people and current trends in music. 

Are you in a relationship?  We interview many famous personalities who say it is difficult to have a relationship. Describe your ideal partner. I have a relationship for over 9 years so I could say that the relationship I have is my ideal relationship. 

Who are the biggest influencers on your music and style?  The late great DJ Peter Rauhofer. 

 What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? Being happy and enjoying life!

Favorite Movie? The Exorcist

Career if you were not a DJ? Lawyer

Favorite brand of underwear? Estevez and Barcode Berlin

Favorite Dessert? Any kind of cake

Dining out or cooking at home? Cooking

What used to be known as Vallarta Bear Weekend has evolved to Bearadise, bringing you better than ever experiences in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Vallarta Bear Weekend first made its premier in 2019, offering more choices for the bear community. For our next festival in 2020, Bearadise will be bringing you fruit-themed experiences that raise the bar to a whole new level. This fresh new concept was created by your Puerto Vallarta bear friends Christian Serrano & Daniel Amarillas for the bear community, but all men are welcome. For the lastest on these parties visit the bearadise website. 



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