DJ Superstar Ben Bakson spinning for NYE 2020 in Puerto Vallarta

dj ben bakson

DJ Superstar Ben Bakson is one of the many DJ’s in NYE 2020 in Puerto Vallarta. See what he had to say about coming to Puerto Vallarta for the first time!. 

In a short time you have become a top world circuit DJ. What does it feel like to be part of NYE 2020 in Puerto Vallarta? I have never had the chance to visit Puerto Vallarta but heard so many great things about the city. I love to work with the organizers of the Festival, Jeffrey Sanker and Hector Quintero and the entire team. Needless to say I am convinced it will be an amazing experience for me personally but also to those who attend the parties. 

DJ Ben Bakson has become synonymous with success in the world. Describe your recent rise to fame. Being a successful DJ is not easy these days because there are so many on the market.  A DJ is easily replaceable. You need to have something unique so people recognize and follow you which in the end makes the party organizers want to book you. Many people had prejudices about me saying I am only successful for being good looking. Being good looking is one thing which might help you at the beginning to open a door but it is by far not the most important. DJs are not models, they make music. People come to a club primarily to hear and dance to good music and not to look at a hot Dj; for the eyes we have hot Go-gos, for the ears the DJ;

So most importanly, a great DJ must be able to create the right vibe in a club through music, take the crowd on a journey, play the perfect music selection, mixed flawlessly. If you manage to make the crowd experience this every time you play, word of mouth will make you successful and well known on its own. Of course, strong social media  helps make this process move faster. Luckily I already had that before I became a DJ.

How did you decide to become a DJ? Music has always been an important part in my life. Honestly, there is no moment of my day where I don’t listen to music. “Where words fail, music speaks” is really part of my soul so I am very happy and proud to call making music my job.

What do you like about Mexico? Mexico is a beautiful country with great warm hearted people. I have been a few times in Mexico City and Cancun. So I am very excited to finally experience Puerto Vallarta for the very  first time. 

The electronic scene changes constantly, what do you do to be current and fresh? Staying current is one of the most important parts of being a good DJ. I basically listen to music the whole day, not my own podcasts, but to other Dj’s music and also to new music of my favorite singers coming on the market. It is very important to stay open minded to other styles and let yourself be influenced by them.

What world stars would you like to work with? I already have the pleasure to work with Warner Music and make 2 Official Remixes for Ava Max and Kiiara which have been very successful and played all over the world. For my next project, I really admire Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Celine Dion and J LO. To work with those women one day would be amazing.

What advice would you give to the new generation of djs who see you as an example to follow? Very often I hear everyone wants to be a DJ.  I think it is very important to become a DJ for the right reasons, not just to have a cool lifestyle, travel a lot and become famous.  I can only encourage you to do what you love, but if your heart beats for music, go ahead and follow your dreams and you will have my full support.

Thanks to Hector Quintero for the interview! Don’t miss the incredible parties and DJ’s for NYE Puerto Vallarta 2020. Tickets at



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