Drag Shows In Puerto Vallarta Jackie Beat Returns to PV Act 2 Entertainment

Jackie Beat

drag shows in puerto vallarta jackie beat

Drag Shows In Puerto Vallarta Jackie Beat Returns to PV Act 2 Entertainmentfor 2020. Here is what the popular queen tells GAYPV in September 2019 in an exclusive interview.

GAYPV: Jackie, you have been in Puerto Vallarta before! We remember seeing you at Club Manana several years back! We really are not sure it will be good to have you here again.  Will you be doing the same old show or have you been able to create something new for your fans at Act 2 Red Room? It’s the same old shit. I’m the laziest bitch you’ll ever meet! I just hope they have WiFi at the venue because I intend to “phone it in!” JUST KIDDING! Honestly, it’s a great mix of classic and new material. I have lots of great new songs, but people seem genuinely disappointed when I don’t do at least a few of my tried-and-true “hits.

What should fans expect from your shows this year at Act 2? Hopefully to laugh and be impressed with my live singing. Spoiler alert: I don’t do Death Drops. At my age, I would actually drop dead!

What, other than money enticed you to return to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s #1 gay destination? The men, of course!

What do you love most about Puerto Vallarta? The men, of course!

We hear constant rumors of cat fights and backstage brawls between you and rival Sherry Vine during many “Battle of the Bitches” shows?  I hate her. I really do. Think about it, she’s thin and beautiful so of course I hate her. And she hates me because I’m hilarious and can actually hit the notes when I sing. She’s a monster bitch! Of course it’s all an act. We’re best friends! But I really do hate Bianca Del Rio. Oh, and I have won the most Battle of the Bitches. No wait, those were pie eating contests! My bad.

Of all the drag queens, why in the world did you pick the low life Sherry Vine to be your partner?  We can’t understand itThe answer is right in your question: She’s a low life! See, this way I seem downright classy and sophisticated. Honey, I know what I’m doing.

Is it true recently someone slipped a song into the hat that you didn’t write? Did you ad lib it or accept defeat? We did DNA testing on the slip of paper to determine what piece of human garbage pulled such an unforgivable stunt and had that person escorted out of the venue. And then brutally murdered.

We really prefer to see your National Treasurers show. Can’t you contact Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio and have them perform in PV and answer some of our questions? Sadly, Bunny died and can only perform with a puppeteer animating her like a giant marionette these days and that’s out of our budget. And as I said earlier, I hate Bianca.

Why would we enjoy you more performing individually than in a group? Whether it’s in my solo show or with other queens, I’m a fucking delight. And as far as me being “in a groupie” – from your lips to God’s ears! I hope to get a lot fat uncut action in PV. Clown-fuckers get a discount!

Because of venues like Act 2, Live cabaret is alive and flourishing in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta has the top gay cabaret scene in Mexico. Explain what it means to be in a city where this is available. Many larger gay cities are not so fortunate to have a live cabaret scene. Why is that? All joking aside, I am thrilled to be performing in PV because it really is one of the epicenters of Gay entertainment, not just in Mexico but I would say the world! And as far as figuring out why other cities can’t claim the same thing, I have no idea. I say just enjoy the fact that PV is number one!

What do you see happening to live gay cabaret shows in the future? Well, legendary performer Jimmy James and I have discussed this and we just really hope that live singing and people gathering in a cabaret to laugh and be moved and enjoy a live show doesn’t go the the way of the dinosaur. There will always be live shows obviously, but I hope the future isn’t just about a bunch of Drag Race girls lip-synching 2 numbers each in a giant venue. We need the artistry and intimacy that only true cabaret can offer.

We understand you officiate weddings. Of course, I’m a whore. If there’s a dollar – or a peso – to be made, I want it! 

Can you tell us a juicy tidbit of any sex before, during, or after a wedding where you have officiated?No, sorry. It’s part of my plea deal that I cannot discuss it.

Is it true that you have political ambitions and intend to apply for the press secretary position for whomever is elected to the White House in 2020? I was going to but then someone pointed that my piggy, asymmetrical face resembled Sarah Huckabee Slanders so much that people may be confused. Especially Trump supporters since they’re all in-bred morons.

Are you currently writing any material for the sequel of Wigstock: The Movie? If not, what new material are you writing or producing? They did the sequel already. It’s called “Wig” and, um, I have no comment. But I will say that it was barely about Wigstock! Whatever. I’m working on quite a few things actually. I want to do a show called “My Mother’s Favorite Songs” where I tell stories about about my Italian mother, Liliana. And I’ll sing amazing old numbers by Eydie Gormé, Vikki Carr, Cher & more without changing the words. And I am hosting a very famous burlesque star’s upcoming world tour and I want to take advantage of that time to finally start writing my autobiography. Gonna spill some tea, henny!

Our Puerto Vallarta gay pride has an event called Drag Derby, where Drag Queens race the stairs and cobblestone streets in high heels with an obstacle course along the way, A real Drag Race!  What do you think about this event and can you count on your to participate next year? Hell no! Please go back and read what I wrote about Death Drops

Dont’ miss Jackie’s shows in Puerto Vallarta. Check the schedule at Act 2 Entertainment website. 

Jackie Beat photo courtesy of  Jihef Portelance 



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