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Sherry Vine


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Superstar Sherry Vine Talks About Drag Shows In Puerto Vallarta at Act 2 for 2020. We feature an exclusive interview with her to discuss the first time performing in Puerto Vallarta at Act 2 Entertainment. 

GAYPV:Have you performed or vacationed in PV before? If so when and if not, Lady Bunny and Jackie Beat already have. Why did you wait so long to discover the great cabaret scene we have here in Vallarta?

March 2020 will be my first time performing in PV – I am a PV virgin! I don’t know why it took so long to happen. I had my first visit in October 2018 when I was performing on the Atlantis Gay Cruise of Mexico and fell in love with PV. Plus I was waiting for the smell of lady Bunny to fade away. So I’m very excited to pop my cherry!

What can the audience expect to see here in your PV shows?

The audience can expect to see an all live singing, all hilarious filthy comedy show. I really do think there’s something for everyone. I have parodies of every diva; Madonna, Gaga, Cher, Tina, Whitney and more. Plus I look like Hooker Barbie so what’s not to like? lol The show is very intimate with lots of schtick and “getting to know the audience”.

You are one of the top queens in NYC. Do you think NYC cabaret scene is different than other cabaret scenes, ie Berlin where you lived for a time?

Well, I am a recent Los Angeles transplant but was in NYC for 27 years (minus the 3 I lived in Berlin). The cabaret scene in Berlin, and lots of Europe, has a history of cabaret that the US doesn’t really have. And in lots of Europe drag has always been a legitimate art form where  it’s a newer concept in the USA. Certainly, since I started almost 30 years ago, it has changed significantly. The audience is more diverse and people love drag queens who can turn out a show.

Because of great venues like Act 2 and others, Live cabaret is alive and flourishing in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is the top gay cabaret scene in Mexico. Explain what it means to be in a city where cabaret is alive and flourishing.

I know so many of the queens who do PV every year and I’m close with many of them and they all rave about PV. I’ve had queens tell me for years to get my cheap ass down there. So I am thrilled to finally be doing my show there. I hope they flourish to my show! lol

Many larger gay cities are not so fortunate to have a live cabaret scene. Why is that?

I think live singing drag queens is still rare in a lot of cities. Lip synching just became the drag standard – which is great. I’m not comparing the two at all. BUT I have always sang live, it’s what got me interested in drag in the first place. I wanted to sing this torch song but didn’t think anyone would want to see some skinny gay guy singing a torch song. The queens don’t sing live on Drag Race so people just aren’t used to it. I know lip synch queens in NYC who can really sing and I’m always saying, “Girl, throw one live song in your show at least!”

What do you see happening to live gay cabaret shows in the future?

Well, after 30 years, I think I can say live gay cabaret shows will always be here. People will always need to escape and laugh. I don’t think that will change. 

We asked Jackie Beat this question so we will ask you. Of all the great drag queens, why in the world did you choose to work with low life Jackie on “Battle of the Bitches?”

LOL!!! I felt sorry for Jackie and thought she needed a boney side kick! Besides being my BFF for almost 30 years, Jackie Beat is hands down the funniest, smartest queen ever.

We hear constant rumors of cat fights and backstage brawls between you and Jackie Beat during many “Battle of the Bitches” shows?  

Trust me, we don’t save anything for backstage! All the cat fighting and bitchy brawls unfold right onstage lol. Usually though we end up cracking each other up and laughing our asses off. We are always saying, “how lucky are we to get paid for having so much fun?”

Isn’t all this pretending to get along with each other a little obvious, given that you are not seen in public together outside of costume?

Ha ha!! Well maybe it’s not documenting but we literally hang out almost every day if we are in the same city together. She lived with me for a full year in NYC once and I stayed with her every time I came to LA before moving here. She’s usually the first and last person I text every day. We know each other so well we can diffuse a potential argument before it happens. We really are BFFs.

We understand you officiate weddings? What is the process to be ordained?

I do officiate weddings! I’ve only done 3 but it was so much fun. The process is so easy honey. I did everything online and it took less than an hour.

Can you tell us a juicy tidbit of any sex before, during, or after a wedding where you have officiated? I wish!! Surprisingly, a wedding may be the only place and time I don’t have a juicy sex story to reveal.

You started performing before social media, facebook and youtube were around…How have these media impacted drag queens and the cabaret scene for the better and for the worse?

Social media has changed everything about nightlife! Before, you had to go out to socialize, meet people, see a show, get laid, etc. Now you don’t. You can “order in” everything or watch it on your phone. Facebook, etc has made promoting a show and expanding your audience easier for sure. Certainly, my viral YouTube videos got me known around the world. What I don’t love is when people are on their phones during the show. Experience the show in real time and then post/comment on it later! Why do you want to watch a show through your phone when you’re there in the audience?

What is left for you to accomplish to make your career complete?

The list of things I still want to do is so long! I will never retire. Jackie and I have plans to expand our theatre company (we do Golden Girls and other show parodies). We have so many ideas! I want to make more movies, I want to play Blanche DuBois in Streetcar, I want to continue performing asll over the world. So much!

Thank you GAYPV and I can’t wait for Puerto Vallarta and Act 2! Don’t miss Sherry Vine’s shows at Act 2 entertainment. Get your tickets from Act 2 entertainment website



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