Gay Cabaret in Puerto Vallarta Tammie Brown at Act 2 Entertainment

gay cabaret in puerto vallarta tammie brown

Gay Cabaret in Puerto Vallarta Tammie Brown at Act 2 Entertainment. We were surprised to know that as a child she used to live in a small town north of Puerto Vallarta. See what she had to say about that and more!

We understand that you have lived in Mexico when you were younger?  Can you tell us about that?    Yes, in fact when I was younger I lived close in Rincon de Guayabitos. My family would come to Puerto Vallarta for trips and of course the food and shopping.

What are your impressions about Puerto Vallarta?  The people and locals have always been lovely and I have fond memories from when I was younger up until today. 

What can audiences expect to see in your shows at Act 2? Audiences can expect razzle-dazzle entertainment and some new material that I am excited to premiere in Puerto Vallarta! 

What makes a show with Tammie Brown different than other drag superstars?  I have been told the Gods broke the mold when they  made me… for me I just enjoy being on stage and presenting thought-provoking art.  I don’t necessarily follow what’s popular in today’s culture so that might set me apart

Because of great venues like Act 2, live cabaret is alive and flourishing in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is the top gay cabaret scene in Mexico. Explain what it means to be in a city where cabaret is alive and flourishing. Many larger gay cities are not so fortunate to have a live cabaret scene. Why is that? I would say that makes me feel I am on the cutting edge really… Being able to do my act in a live Cabaret setting really separates those who depend on a gimmick or tricks and I would  like to think my material stands on its own. 

What do you see happening to live gay cabaret shows in the future?  Being able to do your show live makes all the difference in whether or not you can flourish as an artist especially with the give-and-take of the audience.  A big inspiration for me has always been Lucia Mendez.

You have been named the new producer of a 2020 RuPaul Drag Race type show…what would you do different? I think I would be a little more lenient on the talent and have them be more creative and inventive; definitely would not provide costumes and make up. That type of spontaneity, originality and creativity is what has always made drag interesting.  I would certainly nurture their individuality.

Explain how a drag queen can be successful apart from RuPaul Drag Race? Is that possible?  I would say that you have to know your brand/what draws people to you and stick with that and if it works for the contest that’s great – but you can use that exposure to keep going regardless

You are from the LA cabaret scene correct? Would the cabaret scene there be any different than NYC or any other city? Yes I really got my start in Los Angeles. And have worked in New York City as well… The audiences can be a little more demanding and critical because of the amount of other acts in the cities. 

What does the future hold for drag queens and the cabaret scene?  Drag is going to have to continue to evolve  Beyond a television production which is the most popular form today.  Being able to do live cabaret is going to be detrimental if today’s queens are going to make it beyond a television show. 

We know music is your real passion…can you give us an update?  I am happy to report that my new album  Schubert will be released in late October and I will be performing it for the first time in Puerto Vallarta! 

Tell us something about yourself or career that no one knows…but should.  Well, I used to teach traffic school and the classes were eight hours long! So I had to keep “a captive audience“ for quite a long period of time. I also had to make driving regulations something fun so it really helped me learn how to make something fun out of things that would normally be mundane.

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