Meet Brian Justin Crum Performing At The Palm Cabaret 2021

brian justin crum
Meet Brian Justin Crum Performing At The Palm Cabaret 2021. Brian is a singer and actor from San Diego, California. In 2016, he earned national attention competing on the 11th season of the NBC’s  America’s Got Talent winning 4th place. Thank you Brian for talking to GAYPV Travel guide about your upcoming shows at The Palm Cabaret. 
How has the pandemic affected your career? It’s been incredibly hard. Its had a massive affect on all of us in Entertainment and across all fields of life. 2019 was my busiest year yet! It was heartbreaking. I’m grateful for my health and I’m looking forward to being able to perform again. 
Covid-19 has really devastated the theatre. What do you think will be the new norms for the performing arts post pandemic? It’s hard to say… It’s amazing what The Palm is doing with their top notch safety precautions in place. I know a lot of theatres around the country are remolding to do able to safely house audiences.  Until then a lot of us are looking to digital platforms at this point! My YouTube channel and following has really grown over the past months! There has been a bit of a silver lining there. I was able to really focus on that and its been a lot of fun!
The Palm has taken every precaution humanly possible to ensure the well being of our audience, performers and staff. For us, scrupulously following the usual protocols is just the beginning!!! Safety first entertainment always.
* We have invested in a new, fresh-air-only air-conditioning system providing multiple ventilation routes.
* Our roof now partially retracts, further magnifying the continuous circulation of fresh air. See the full list of the COVID safety precautions here. The Palm has went to great expense upgrading and making the venue safe.
Have you visited or performed in Mexico or Puerto Vallarta before? I have! I love Mexico. Tulum is one of my favorite destinations in the world. This is my first time coming to PV though! I have heard amazing things about the city and the people who live there! I’m thrilled to come and spend some time there!
What do you think about Puerto Vallarta being P-Town #2 having an amazing live cabaret scene (national and international performers at 4 venues 7 nights a week in season). What can the audience expect to see during your show at The Palm Cabaret? I’ll be bringing my Youtube series BJC:DIVA to life for the PV audiences. Covering all my favorite Divas from Barbra to Annie Lennox. It’s filled with nostalgia, heart and fun. 
Were you bullied in your youth.Did that inspire you musically? What can you say to others who have been bullied also and are struggling? Growing up LGBT and struggling with my weight I was an easy target for bullies. Singing and performing was my safe space in those times and inspired me so much. I learned that being vulnerable was my key to survive. Sharing a piece of myself every time I was on stage and a kid allowed me to be strong off stage. I encourage kids today dealing with bullies to allow that pain to inform their art. To create a space for that pain. It really does get better!
You are a singer-songwiter and had an expansive career in the arts earlier in your life. Do you enjoy either more than the other?  Which one have you been more successful? I really enjoy interpreting songs. Singing songs of my favorite artists. I think I have a special gift in making those songs my own. I wasn’t a naturally gifted songwriter so its taken a lot of learning pains for me to get to a point where I’m comfortable in that space. I’m still learning but I do feel its the most authentic way to share my experience with the world…to say things in my own words… its scary but its important for me.
In QUEENS rock theatrical “We Will Rock You” you performed alongside original band members Brian May and Roger Taylor. Tell us how this came about and what that meant to you. 
It was such an incredible moment for me! After a long audition process… Brian May and Roger Taylor hired me to star in the North American premiere of the show and performing with them was such an inspiring moment that I will never forget!
Are you in a relationship? I AM! My partner Samer and I have been together for just over 3 years now! 
What do you enjoy doing on vacation? Beach.. Good music.. shopping… relaxing! PV will be the perfect getaway Im sure!
And some fun tidbits about you..
Camping/Hiking or Warm beach/relaxingBEACH!
Sci fi or Comedy movies? Comedy!!
Do you play a musical instrument? If not, which would you like to? I don’t! Ive always wanted to play guitar though.
For dessert, fudge brownie or skip it? Fudge Brownie times two please!!!



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