Michael Lucas Entertainment Talks About Puerto Vallarta Gay

Micheal CEO of Michael Lucas Entertainment talks about Puerto Vallarta gay bars, Pinata PV, clubs, restaurants, arts and culture and more in this exclusive interview with GAYPV Travel Guide. 

GAYPV: Michael you just came back from Puerto Vallarta where you stayed at Piñata PV Gay Hotel

ML: Yes, I spent Christmas at Piñata PV. I travel all over the world and can tell you that the hotel’s owners Ronnie and David are the most amazing hosts I’ve ever met. Not only did they explain to me how to get around Puerta Vallarta and booked some fantastic trips, but they actually took me and other guests out for dinner, showed us some amazing places, restaurants, galleries, nightclubs and introduced us to some cute local guys. The hotel itself is the one of a kind: they designed and built it themselves on a beautiful & quiet street in the heart of PV; it’s a modern boutique hotel.

G: What do you think about PV? Also, we know that you collect art and crafts from all over the world and you love shopping in Mexico.

ML: I love Mexico: it’s wonderfully warm and has hospitable people. I’ve traveled all over this amazing country.

PV is a small place but it has so many things to do and see. One of my favorite places to visit is the botanical garden. When visiting make sure to meet its founder, Bob Price, who is an American man that fell in love with PV and built a spectacular collection of plants from all over the country there. It’s a huge area with a river, waterfall, and a beautiful restaurant on top of the hill with a magnificent view; it is also a perfect place for hiking.

If you enjoy collecting art, then I recommend a visit to Galeria Olinala by Breswster Brockman. I bought some of his beautiful bronze animal sculptures and he also has an incredible collection of Mexican masks. Another favorite is Muy Guapo where I found some rare Mexican vintage items, ranging from paintings to furniture pieces.

I love to entertain in my New York City home and always buy hand-painted plates and hand-blown glasses from Mundo de Cristal. PV has some amazing restaurants too. My favorites are Le Cliff, the Vista Grill, and Iguana Restaurant located in Casa Kimberley. The Iguana used to be a home of Elizabeth Taylor in the 1960s; it’s where she and Richard Barton had their affair while Burton was filming “The Night of the Iguana,” which made PV famous. And don’t forget to check out the municipal market where I buy all of my Mexican spices — they cost a fraction of the price that I’d pay in New York, and the quality is far superior.


G: You are the first public figure to openly promote PrEP.

ML: 50,000 Americans become HIV-positive every year, as unfortunately (but also understandably) people often fail to use condoms. PrEP is a game changer in the prevention of HIV. It’s a pill that you take once a day, every day, and as all the studies show its completely effective. Imagine how many lives could have been saved if PrEP was introduced in the 1980s. PrEP is also very important in fighting the HIV stigma, as it takes away the fear of having sex with people that are positive. My ex-boyfriend is HIV-positive and PrEP made it possible for us to be intimate without using condoms. I have written several articles about PrEP for OUT.com and The Advocate. They can all be found at http://www.michaellucas.com/bymichael/

I also produced a PSA about PrEP which can be viewed here: www.youtube.com/watchv=4O08sbPW8v8&feature=youtu.be

G: Tell us how can one start taking prep and the cost. Many believe that PREP is a very expensive drug that can be afforded only by rich.

ML: Completely false – PrEP is basically free for those insured and uninsured alike. If you’re uninsured, then Gilead (the manufacturer of Truvada or PrEP) will provide you with it monthly for free. If you have insurance then you will be covered and Gilead will even cover the co-pay. All you need to do is to call the company and stay on the phone for five minutes to answer a questions. Local gay clinics, like the The Mount Sinai Comprehensive Health Clinic in New York City (http://www.mountsinai.org/patient-care/service-areas/infectious-diseases/hiv-aids/mschp-downtown) , also help uninsured individuals with accessing PrEP.

G: Are there ways to take PrEP on a case-by-case basic protection?

ML: If you live in a country where you cannot acquire PrEP for daily use, you’d have to depend on price-gouging online pharmacies to access the medication. With that in mind, there are studies that show taking two pills together 24 hours before sex, and then one pill on the day you are having sex and one pill the next day and the day after will help with HIV prevention. But one pill daily is what everyone should strive for. After all, we don’t always know when we will have sex.

G: What’s new at Lucas Entertainment

ML: In addition to just signing our first Mexican star – Derek Allen We’ve been producing incredible content in Europe lately, particularly Greece. It’s the best location to introduce some of our newest Lucas Entertainment exclusive models, like Derek Allan, all of whom are joining the ranks of Dylan James, Sergeant Miles, Zander Craze, and many more Lucas Men. These new scenes will be released over the next few months in some of the hottest sex I’ve directed to date, so be sure to check it out on LucasEntertainment.com.

G: Michael, you also made 2 amazing documentaries that made the rounds at LGBT film festivals, is this a beginning of a new path?

ML: Thank you. No, these films were side projects. I grew up in Russia and experienced both homophobia and anti-Semitism. So when the Russian government introduced its draconian anti-gay legislation I traveled back and for a month and conducted interviews — these included journalists, activists, school teachers, and even the lawmaker who introduced the homophobic legislation in question. As for the Israeli documentary — this was a project of love for the open-minded and accepting Jewish homeland that I visit at least once a year. But I’m not quitting my day job, which is producing the best gay porn in the industry. More information on both films can be found at http://www.campaignofhate.comhttp://www.undressingisrael-themovie.com

Photographer Ric Chamblee
Location Vallarta Botanical Gardens
For more on Michael Lucas please visit:  http://www.LucasEntertainment.com



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