Seth Fornea Go Go on the Go

How did you choose Puerto Vallarta and why? Where are you staying?

SETH: Each year for my boyfriend’s birthday (Jared Bradford Leblanc) we travel to a new city we have not visited before. This year we knew we wanted to go to a Spanish speaking and tropical place. A friend of ours owns a fractional at the Casa Cupula resort so it made the choice to come to PVR pretty easy actually.

You described NYC as trendy and fresh and Nola are carnival and decadent. What about Puerto Vallarta? How does it fit in into the gay cities you have visited and worked in?

S: I would describe Puerto Vallarta as a place where nature and nurture really blend well. The buildings seemed to coexist so well with the surrounding landscape and the humid air. I would describe it as a natural place with a lot of island like energy.

What has been your favorite things and places to do here in Vallarta?

S: My fav thing to do was relax on the beach at the green chair areas and meet new people either vacationing or that live here in PVR.

At 2015 NYE We Party you were Ares the God of War. That event was an exciting part of your career. Was this roll chosen by them? What God would you have chosen and why?

S: WE Party had developed a theme called “Gods Of Olympus” with 4 Gods. Apollo, Ares, Poseidon, and Dionysus. I was happy with being Ares. Ares is the god of war….very powerful…and the red costume was amazing!

What has been the achievement in your career you are most proud of? 

S: I’m most proud of working internationally in Spain, Canada, Brazil, Italy, and Mexico. Being a Gogo dancer in your home city is fun but when you can branch out and experience other countries and cultures as part of our job its so fulfilling.

Go Go dancing is your career income producer. That is not easy.  Do you see that industry changing or becoming more competitive in the future?

S: Well the industry is overpopulated with dancers. Everyone wants to be a dancer… at the present time the supply exceeds the demand and the power is in the hands of the people hiring. Bargaining for higher base pays has always been a challenge when 10 other guys with better abs will do it for much less. But thats the challenge within the industry to make the career work for ones own lifestyle and spending habits.

What go go event has been the most exciting for you to work at?

S: hmmm…..this is so tough to answer. I would have to say when I danced in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival. I danced two parties there produced by Rosane Amaral. They were amazing! And the brazilian landscape simply breathtaking.

Do you attend large circuit events if you are not working at them? If so, which ones and what are your favorites and why?

S: Of course I do! I LOVE them. My favorite to attend is Winter Party Festival in Miami every March. Its a huge circuit weekend to benefit the gay and lesbian task force…a political lobbying organization in the USA for equality. The party attracts many international guests, amazing DJ’s, and a fantastic setting-Miami.

You have stated you prefer acting and doing commercials as opposed to porn? I am sure you have had many offers to make porn. Is that still the case?

S: Yes, I love having speaking parts and auditioning for acting roles. Longevity exists in careers along those lines.

What is the most sexy feature of a person?

S: Their attitude. I am surrounded by hot guys all the time at parties that have personalities of a brick wall


The sexiest thing a guy can do to set himself apart is have a friendly, welcoming, personality.

What would you like people to know about you that they do not?  Beside that you are a vampire fanatic!

S: Lol I have a goal to become fluent in Spanish. I practice a lot with my spanish speaking friends and slowly I am making progress. It’s really fun for me!

You are a PrEP fan..Tell us about it?

S: I am a big advocate for PrEP. If you live in an area that offers PrEP and or your insurance covers the cost I highly recommend it. It just makes logical sense…..and extra step to protect you from the HIV virus. I have been on PrEP since January 2015, I haven’t noticed any side effects, and I am very content in my decision with adding PrEP to my regimen of safe sex.

Tell us your ideas about being in a relationship. Also your statement that the elusive fairytale is Honesty.

S: Well said!! I would like to cite it. My partner and I have been together for about 4 years. It started with sex n pancakes, then a lot of texts n phone calls (we were long distance), to moving in together, to moving to NYC together. It’s been a fun journey. I think the important thing about having a partner is knowing that things will change. Ultimatums are pointless…..whats more important is to grow and change as your relationship dynamics change. Jealousy is a useless emotion and doesn’t benefit anyone.  Success is in honesty and being able to tell your partner how you really feel.  In that way you can maintain a supportive love.

What is your ultimate career goal?

S: I don’t have one. Life is short…..maybe 80 years if one is lucky and has a normal mortality rate with no accidents. I am living in the present with enough set aside should I survive until an older age. I prefer to enjoy the time I know I have at the moment, spend my time doing things I like while not harming others, and leave the planet without taking more than I needed.



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