Tayte Hanson Cockboys Star Vacations In Puerto Vallarta

Where are you living? 
I “live” in NYC, but over the past year have transitioned to a bit of a gypsy and pretty much live wherever my head falls. 
Are you signed exclusively to any particular studio?
For the past two years I’ve been signed exclusively to Cockyboys. It’s been a remarkable jumpstart and experience in the industry.
Tell us why Cockyboys…how/are they different ? 
Cockyboys is great at finding and refining new talent. They are a ground breaking studio that produces artistically intriguing work as well as extremely beautiful sexual scenarios. Cockyboys is also one of the only complete condom based studios left in the industry which is important to me.
Do you have other side jobs like an underwear line or another career that you enjoy?
My biggest problem is I’ve always done way too much! I dance for a professional company, manage a small business, and recently opened my own photography business.
What do you think about bareback porn? or studios that are digitally removing the condom from the scene?
I think it’s terrible. Let’s remove the question of risk for the performer and assume that as consenting adults we all are able to make “wise” choices for ourselves. The problem for me as someone who has sex on film is that I feel responsible for the young kids just starting to watch porn in the middle of no where and it establishes their views of what is hot or not. I feel that porn stars are sexual ambassadors introducing youth to the unknown and doing so “irresponsibly” is just wrong. Sure it’s sexy as fuck, who doesn’t want a raw cock in their ass, and sure most bare studios get tested, but a sixteen year old in the Midwest who is illegally watching porn doesn’t know the context or the reality. 
The gay adult industry is very competitive with pressure to maintain and perform. Many well-know stars have committed suicide or died as a result. How do you cope with the pressure of the industry? It’s not easy, ever, and many young guys get into the industry with a ton of pressure and with no stability and it, unfortunately leads to trouble. I have been very fortunate to have a strong base of support from family and friends to keep me as sane as possible.
What would you like to achieve next in your career?
There are too many things to list here; however, I have a few really incredible solo projects that I am excited to get out into the world!
What are you most proud of in your career?
I’m proud of the fact that I entered the industry with a list of things I would and wouldn’t do and money hasn’t swayed me to change that list.
What is your favorite type of scene to do and why?
I’ve loved all of the scenes I’ve done, but my scene with Damian Black on the pool floaties was a new experience and was so fun!
Have you been involved in any other aspect of the industry beside performing?
Definately! I’ve had my hands involved in the production side of some projects including all of my new solo projects–filming, editing, producing.
What advice would you give someone considering a career in the industry?
Before entering the industry be very clear about who you are and who you want to be seen as, be direct with your decisions, and never apologize for being yourself.
Have you ever been in a relationship, and is it possible to have one as an adult entertainer? 
I have been in a few really beautiful relationships; however, never as a performer. I find it very hard for myself to date someone while in the industry because I feel bad about going to work.
Describe Puerto Vallarta as a gay destination.
It’s paradise. I literally want to move here!! The community is so open and charming and the city itself is beautiful. 
What do you think about the gay scene here?
While it’s a tight knit community I feel like the amount of tourism that is here makes the gay scene so vibrant and beautiful! Everyone is incredible friendly (who wouldn’t be while on vacation) and, as a whole, every bar (minus a few) and restaurant around town is so welcoming!
What do you enjoy while here in PV?
Over the past two weeks my days have usually included breakfast at Barra Light or Salud, working out at The Fit Club, beach time and photoshoots with the incredible gay community, amazing food, and remarkably talented performers at Act II stages. There is so much to experience I plan on many more trips!




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