Gay Puerto Vallarta Bar Tour By Christian Serrano

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Here we are discussing the Gay Puerto Vallarta Bar Tour By Christian Serrano

1. How long have you been in PV and what are the things that make the city special to you?

I have been living in Puerto Vallarta full time since 2006. The things that make this city so special to me are MANY!! The natural beauty, the very friendly local people, the many delicious restaurants, the fabulous nightlife, all the magnificent sunsets, my amazing friends and that I met my soul mate here, my wonderful partner Eric.

2. Why do you think that PV is such a popular vacation destination among the LGBT community?

PV is truly the Gay paradise of Mexico. Gay Vallarta offers so much to our community (Gay beach, Gay hotels, restaurants, bars, spas, galleries, boutiques, shops, gay tours… you name it!). It’s a very safe and friendly destination with the perfect weather and all the many seasonal events making Puerto Vallarta the perfect vacation destination…. There’s something for everybody here!

3. Realizing that in many ways Mexico is a very conservative and traditional country, how can gay visitors to Vallarta expect to be received by the local population?

They should expect to be treated equal and with respect. It’s 2013 and people are being more open and friendly now. Although, I highly recommend to our LGBT community to stay in the Romantic Zone (our gay village) so they can experience Gay Vallarta to the fullest. Everybody here can be themselves; everything is a very short distance between each place so you can walk all the time, plus the gay beach is right here!  Also, our gay community really welcomes you with a smile and arms wide open. Did I mention that everybody is very friendly in our gayborhood?

4. What makes the nightlife in Vallarta unique and fabulous?

Vallarta has about 22 active gay venues including (Restaurants/bars, Martini bars, Mexican cantinas, Hotel Bars, Stripper bars and Night Clubs and Spas). Every place is fun, unique and special. Because there are so many options, bar owners really give their best to their customers so wherever you go you will always have a great time. The locations are perfect! Everything is within walking distance and it’s safe to walk from bar to bar. All the bars offer happy hour, fun events, and their staff will become your friends.  The great energy of so many happy people here makes Vallarta’s nightlife so special and fabulous.

5. How did you come up with the idea of the Bar-hopping?

Every time I traveled I always wanted to experience a service like this. I love meeting new people, making new friends and going bar hopping.  I offer products and services that I would personally buy for myself, so I decided to give it a shot and here we are two years later. I also listen to people, and two questions that every visitor always ask me are: where should we go tonight? or What should we do tonight? so this service takes care of those needs. Plus it is a great way to meet new people that will become your friends by the end of the tour.  It’s also the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion, to learn where everything is and not miss anything including the bars that are off-the-beaten path or how I like to call them … our hidden treasures. My tour is perfect if you just want to be taken care of from beginning to end and be treated like a VIP. You don’t have to worry about where to go or paying the tab at every bar.  And with the VIP wristband you get many benefits. Private tours can also be arranged and we can customize it to suit your needs!

6. Do you offer any tours during the day?

Yes I do. It’s called the “Day Hopping Experience” This tour is only available for groups of a minimum of four participants. We go to six different places (3 beach clubs, 1 martini bar, 1 tapas bar and a hotel pool bar). I also offer social media promotional services, photography and PR with my other company VIPR.

7. Is your tour exclusively for gay men or is it appropriate for lesbian women or the straight community?

Both of my tours are available for anyone that would like to have a great time. The only thing is that the stripper bars are male only. We take the boys to the stripper bar and the girls to a great martini bar next door so all can have a fun time. I have had many straight couples on the tour. One time I had four fun loving straight couples along with nine wonderful gay guys.  It was such an awesome night!

8. Why do you think that the LGBT community is such an important and growing segment in the tourism industry?

I know that statistically the LGBT community travels more than the straight segment and that they spend a higher percentage of their income on travel and entertainment.

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