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topher dimaggio
Topher DiMaggio Andrew Christian Model. Topher thank you for taking time for GAYPV. What is it like being Andrew Christian’s number one Model?   There’s nothing like being celebrated and loved everywhere you go…. That’s not me, haha….  But for real, I love the camera and I suppose due to all the “likes” I get the camera likes me. Also, so I am blessed to do what I love.

What do you contribute to your popularity and how did it happen for you with Andrew Christian? You know what, I am a very passionate person, so whether I screw up or do well I do it with all my heart. So I hope to contribute as much as possible to AC.   As for as how it all happened, its all a blur of awesomeness, but here we are.

Do you consider yourself a model or performer and what is the difference?  I am both, however both go hand in hand. especially these days…

What’s the most fun part of your work? Making Fashion videos? Traveling to appearances? Other?  Lol. I love meeting new people and entertaining. That is the biggest reward, well after getting paid.

Where are you from? and tell us about your childhood and formal education you have? Well, I’m from under a rock. I have lived a very diverse and well rounded life, whether by choice or default.

What accomplishment(s) are you the most proud of so far in your career? What have you not done yet that you would like to do?  I am most proud to have landed so many magazine covers and box covers in whatever modeling I have poured myself into. I have not yet worked for a fashion week. I would love to.

You are coming to Puerto Vallarta for Gay Pride 2015? Have you vacationed here and performed here before? I have never been to PV, and am stoked to show up and LIVE…!

Note Topher will be at Vallarta Gay Pride in May 2015 with Andrew Christian, AC models Pablo, Diego, and Cheddy for the 1st Official Andrew Christian Fashion Show sponsored by Resorts by Pinnacle.

Where else in Mexico have you performed and vacationed? Mexico city and Cancun, both great cities and so much to offer for the gay community.

How do you deal with the pressure to compete and perform in the modeling industry? There is always a younger cat… “Only Compete With Yourself” – Topher Dimaggio

Are you in a relationship,and how can someone in your profession have a relationship?  It is definitely different to date or be in a relationship with someone in the limelight or famous. In most ways its just like anybody else, its best to be yourself and be honest. It all comes out.

What are you hobbies?   Anything outdoors or physical is right up my road.

What career would you consider apart from your current one? None-I love what I do and who I am….

What advice would you give someone considering getting in the gay film industry? Don’t, haha. Be true to yourself .

What do you think about gay adult industry and the trend of condom less movies? I am against condomless porn, why risk it ?

Your favorite food and movie/actor/actress? and something that not many people know about you?  My fav foods are spaghetti, steak and sushi. My fav actor was paul walker, melt.

Thank you Topher! See you in May at Vallarta Pride 2015!



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